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The software system design of multi-function controller

the software design part uses the sufficient hardware resources and supporting development tools of the single chip microcomputer, adopts the process oriented modular design of C language combined with assembly language, and divides the whole program into two parts: main program and subroutine. Subroutines are used to realize various functions, so the verification certificate issued by the verification institution will also have obvious validity identification modules. Each module is relatively independent and can be tested separately. C language programming speeds up the development progress, and enhances the readability and reusability of the code. Using the library files provided by the software development manufacturer, the difference of parameter definitions of each module is reduced. At the same time, specific data storage, such as the storage location and format of parameters in flash memory, are clearly specified

the flow chart of spot welding procedure is shown in Figure 5. When the microcomputer is powered on and initialized, the lower test piece rotates at a constant or variable speed with the turntable 1, and the system detects whether there is a fault. If an error is found, the system will give an alarm. On the premise that no fault is found, the system waits for the user to input control parameters and detect the starting signal

after confirming the start signal, the system completes the welding cycle according to the set working mode and the parameters set by the user in advance. First, convert the preset time cycle number into half cycle number, decrease to zero, and move to the next stage. According to the above-mentioned phase-shifting control principle, the system calculates the timing value of the trigger using the heat balance principle and the circular mixing mode angle, sets the timing value of one timer, and generates a pulse sequence with a fixed frequency of 10 kHz by another timer. By controlling the trigger time of the thyristor, the purpose of controlling the welding current is achieved. Chongqing Gree air conditioner

the multi-function controller makes good use of the resources of AVR high-performance single chip microcomputer, combined with some peripheral circuits, realizes the continuous adjustment of 0 ~ 199 cycles in each welding stage, the welding current is controllable, and improves the welding quality through automatic pressure compensation. The hardware circuit adopts anti-interference and optocoupler isolation technology to improve the stability of the system. Key input and real-time display of LED digital tube, combined with LED light indication, the operation is more convenient and simple. The design of software and hardware is reasonable, the performance is stable in practice, and the expected effect is achieved

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