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《 α、β Solicit opinions on the type evaluation outline of surface contamination meter

recently, the National Technical Committee on ionizing radiation measurement issued《 α、β The draft of the type evaluation outline of the surface pollution meter was solicited for comments, and was open to national and national measurement technology institutions, scientific research institutions and relevant industrial enterprises

this type evaluation outline belongs to the national ionizing radiation measurement technical committee. The drafting units include Shanghai Institute of measurement and testing technology, Beijing Institute of measurement and testing science, Shenzhen Institute of measurement quality testing and research certificate and description

α、β Surface contamination instrument is a commonly used radioactive protection instrument, including portable α、β Surface contamination measuring instrument and monitoring instrument, the latter has alarm function; The measurement object is and/or (the maximum energy of particles is greater than 60keV) radiation, which can be divided into α Surface contamination meter β Surface contamination meter and α/β Surface contamination meter. α、β The surface contamination instrument is used to monitor the radioactive surface contamination in open radioactive workplaces. Its measurement performance is closely related to radiation safety protection. It is a working measurement instrument listed in the catalogue of measuring instruments managed by the people's Republic of China according to law

α、β The evaluation outline of surface pollution type is drafted and formulated in accordance with the Compilation Rules of JJF 1016-2014 evaluation outline of measuring instruments type, and the main technical basis is the national metrological verification regulation JJG《 α、β Surface contamination instrument and corresponding national standard gb/t radiation protection instrument α、β and α/β ( β Energy greater than 60 keV) pollution meters and monitors "and gb/t《 α、β Calibration of surface contamination measuring instruments and monitors

JJG 《 α、β Surface contamination instrument is applicable to portable and surface contamination measuring/monitoring instruments, gb/t radiation protection instruments α、β and α/β ( β Pollution measuring instruments and monitors with energy greater than 60 keV) include various types of surface pollution measuring and detecting instruments or devices. α、β The name and applicable object of the surface pollution type evaluation outline are consistent with the verification regulation and applicable to α、 This machine places the test product on the experimental table β Surface contamination meter (including α Surface contamination meters and/or monitors β Surface contamination measuring and monitoring instruments α/β What are the surface contamination measurement fatigue testing machines? Instrument and monitor, β Type evaluation test with energy greater than 60 keV); α、β The evaluation outline of surface pollution appearance type is not applicable to fixed and personal surface pollution monitoring devices (including whole body, surface pollution monitoring devices, hands and feet, surface pollution monitors), and is not applicable to measuring the maximum energy less than 60keV β Particle radiation meter and monitor

the formulation of this type evaluation outline is based on JJG《 α、β Surface contamination instrument, gb/t radiation protection instrument α、β and α/β ( β Energy greater than 60 keV) pollution measuring instrument and monitor "is the main technical reference. Please see the attachment for more details

Since it is invested by the state, this type evaluation outline is released for the first time


α、β The surface contamination meter is based on the technical research of Israel nuclear measurement center. According to the technical requirements of nuclear rapid emergency response monitoring, it is specially used for nuclear medicine, molecular biology laboratory, nuclear material transportation and other existing α、β Surface contamination and γ Designed for radiation, it is a high sensitivity intelligent portable instrument. It has both surface contamination monitor and γ The functions of the two instruments can be used to measure α、β The surface contamination caused can be used for measurement γ Dose rate

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