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The solemn statement of Shanghai Precision Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.

recently, the company found on some stations that illegal merchants marked the commonly used word "Shanghai Jingke" on their production instruments without authorization, causing others to confuse the main body of the market and the source of its goods, so as to continue to reduce costs, disrupt the market and mislead consumers. This kind of instrument is very similar to the instrument produced by our company in terms of product category, appearance color system and product model. Once it enters the market, it will have a negative impact on the good reputation of our company. For this reason, we hereby make the following statement:

first, our company, Shanghai Precision Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., was established in 1988. It is composed of the former Shanghai analytical instrument factory, Shanghai balance instrument factory, Shanghai Leici instrument factory Shanghai physical optical instrument factory and other famous enterprises in the domestic scientific instrument industry, is currently one of the largest scientific instrument manufacturing groups in China. The main products are: analytical instruments, balance instruments, electrochemical instruments, physical optical instruments, automatic water quality monitoring system, electrical measuring instruments, etc. Since the establishment of the company, "Shanghai Jingke" has been the abbreviation of the company in the industry, and has become an integral part of the company's enterprise name right

second, "Shanghai Jingke", as the abbreviation of the company in the instrument industry and the domestic market, has long been fully recognized by peers in the industry. "Shanghai Jingke" has "Shangfen", "Linguang", "Shangping", "Shuangquan", "Leici", "Shenguang" and other famous brands as its sub brands. Among them, "Linguang" brand visible spectrophotometer, UV visible spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer and "Leici" brand electrochemical instrument have been rated as Shanghai famous brand products for many consecutive years, enjoying a high reputation in the domestic market. Based on the popularity and recognition of the name "Shanghai Jingke", the company has marked "Shanghai Jingke" on its products since 2001 to better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users

III. The scientific instruments produced by our company are marked with the company's logo, the words "Shanghai Jingke" and the sub brand of the product (as mentioned above) on the front of the product, and the words "made by Shanghai Precision Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd." and anti-counterfeiting labels on the back of the product. Please check carefully in the purchase process to avoid unnecessary losses

IV. the company solemnly informs the infringing merchants that any behavior that violates business ethics, uses or misappropriates others' well-known business name abbreviations, and seeks improper benefits is illegal and will be subject to legal sanctions; At the same time, any act of registering words with the same or similar font size as others' enterprise names as trademarks, which causes the relevant public to misunderstand or misunderstand the owner of the enterprise name and the trademark registrant, is also an obvious act of unfair competition and malicious registration, and will also bear the corresponding legal responsibilities. For the above illegal infringement, the company will reserve the right to further resort to law. In order to maintain market order and legal dignity, the perpetrators of the above-mentioned infringement are requested to immediately stop infringing on the goodwill and enterprise name right of the company, otherwise, all legal consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the infringer

it is hereby declared

Shanghai Precision Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.

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