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Notice on solicitation of papers for the first symposium on Waterborne Wood Coatings coating technology notice on solicitation of papers for the first symposium on Waterborne Wood Coatings coating technology December 20, 2006

in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the continuous updating of consumption concepts and the formulation and implementation of environmental protection laws and regulations, wood coatings have also made great progress, and its output has accounted for about 20% of the total paint output, In addition to impact resistance, it is developing in the direction of more environmental protection, health, low pollution or even no pollution, high efficiency, functionality, high decoration and adaptability to a variety of aesthetics

in order to comprehensively promote the sustainable development of wood coatings in China and speed up the industrialization process of water-based Wood Coatings in China; Exchange technical progress and product research and development of wood coatings at home and abroad; To understand the formulation and implementation of wood coating standards, relevant laws and regulations, China Coating Industry Association will hold the "first water-based wood coating technology seminar" in Guangzhou in late May 2007. Now we sincerely invite all experts, scholars and business professionals to attend the meeting and write papers to discuss the hot issues, the latest technology and development direction in this field

I. conference theme: water based environmental protection - development direction and precise positioning of wood coatings

II. Paper content

1 Development status, technology and market development direction of Waterborne Wood Coatings at home and abroad; 2. New products and processes of waterborne wood coatings; 3. Application of waterborne resin in wood coatings; 4. Application of water-based additives in wood coatings; 5. Industrialization technology of waterborne wood coatings; 6. New technology, defects and improvement measures of waterborne wood coating; 7. The demand, market forecast and technical requirements of the development of domestic furniture industry for waterborne wood coatings; 8. Application of Waterborne Wood Coatings on furniture with different materials and shapes; Bayer said on the 12th that 9 Requirements for equipment in the production of waterborne wood coatings; 10. The impact of the formulation and implementation of national environmental protection laws, regulations and standards on the waterborne wood coatings industry

third, the paper should thus shorten the experimental time, seeking

1 The theme is clear, the logic is rigorous, the text is refined, and the format is standardized; 2. Papers not published in journals; 3. Each paper should be controlled within 3000 ~ 5000 words; 4. Please print the paper and email it to: chinacoating net@, and please indicate "paper collection of Waterborne Wood Coatings"

IV. deadline for paper collection and others

1 The papers collected this time will be published in the journal "China paint" with preferential royalties and will be awarded papers. 2. The deadline for thesis solicitation is April 15th, 2007. 3. Please fill in the receipt form and return it to the Department

v. contact information

contact and some conductive materials are transparent: Information Department of China Paint Industry Association, fan Sen, Zheng Keren, Department of China paint, Tang Dayou

and fax:

email: chinacoating net@

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