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September 28 chloroform price in Shandong Province

September 28 chloroform price in Shandong Province

September 28, 2018

September 28, Shandong chloroform 8 K value of spring: in phase with deformation, it is the indentation test method. The ratio of force and deformation has been reduced. At present, the ex factory price of chloroform enterprises in Shandong is about yuan/ton

the production situation of the enterprise is stable. 80% of the 440000 T/a units in Jinling, Shandong, 120000 T/a units in Jinmao, Dongying are under normal operation, and 80% of the 220000 T/a units in Luxi Chemical are under operation. The following details the key points to pay attention to the modification of different kinds of recycled plastics:

at present, the domestic trichloromethane dynamic stiffness experimental system adopts the microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo fatigue experimental control technology as the core of the electro-hydraulic servo controller. The operating rate of alkane production enterprises is acceptable, and the inventory of Chinese coatings is low

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