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"Qilu craftsman" Weichai Wang Shujun: break the myth of foreign monopoly

"Qilu craftsman" Weichai Wang Shujun: break the myth of foreign monopoly

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in order to carry forward the craftsman spirit and show the new style of Qilu land industry workers in the new era, Shandong Federation of trade unions has carried out the tree selection work of "Qilu craftsman". Now the first list of "Qilu craftsmen" has been announced. Their superb skills and the professionalism of being first and striving for perfection have made great contributions to enhancing the international influence and popularity of Shandong manufacturing

Weichai Wang Shujun

Weichai Wang Shujun is such a "Qilu craftsman"

how far is the domestic engine technology from the world's highest level? In the field of heavy-duty diesel engines, we can proudly say that we have stood on the same level as the world's strongest. At present, the largest diesel engine enterprise in the world is Weichai group, which is headquartered in Weifang, Shandong Province. The WP10 series heavy-duty diesel engine with an exhaust capacity of 10.0 liters independently developed and produced by Weichai Power has been the world's No. 1 in terms of sales and market share for many consecutive years

work hard

wp10 series heavy-duty diesel engine, a world-class product, should be guaranteed by world-class processing equipment. The core equipment of Weichai Power Plant 1 is Heller flexible CNC machining center imported from Germany. Although they were put into use as early as 2005, they are still in the leading position in the world today. Now the production line of No. 1 factory can produce an engine every 90 seconds, and the production efficiency is twice the design capacity of German equipment. Until now, German manufacturers have not figured out how the Chinese did it

wangshujun, the maintenance team leader of Weichai Power No. 1 factory, said, "after all, it is an industrial gap. I guess they think that the Chinese people can't grasp many things. Including when the equipment was installed and debugged in 2005, they vaguely felt that they had this idea."

houyonggang, the deputy director of No.1 Factory, told the investigation that a problem occurred not long after we installed and debugged the Heller line, that is, the clamping disc leaked oil. You can't see the imported things, haven't touched them, and don't know what's inside

if the whole CNC machining center is compared to a person, the clamping disc is like the person's hand, which is responsible for grasping the parts being processed. If there is a problem with the hand, the quality of the workpiece cannot be guaranteed. If the Germans are invited to repair it, the construction period will be delayed for twoorthree months, and the production loss will be immeasurable. It was repaired by itself, and the German side had a strict technical blockade, and did not provide any useful drawings. At this critical moment, Wang Shujun, who was only an inconspicuous maintenance fitter at that time, stood up

Wang Shujun at work

Wang Shujun said, "I also feel like trying. Just tell the leader, no, let's try it by ourselves. If we agree, we will do it. If we don't agree, it's OK. Anyway, sooner or later, you have to face it. Our own things can't always rely on foreigners."

the opponent Wang Shujun will face is not trivial. This rough iron piece is the rough embryo of WP10 engine cylinder head. After a trip from the CNC machining center, it will become a precision finished cylinder head. The four round holes in the center are valve holes. According to its technical requirements, cannon afros of the valve hole provides a set of key data with the highest cost performance, such as diameter, flatness of the cut hole surface, distance between holes, and the machining error is controlled within two wires. The machinery industry says that one percent of a millimeter. What is the concept of one hundredth of a millimeter? We measured a hair of an adult male with a micrometer, with a diameter of 7 filaments. In order to defeat sophisticated imported equipment, we must come up with a more sophisticated operational plan

Wang Shujun said that at the beginning, foreigners only said that there were many fixing bolts inside, so you must pay attention when disassembling. Finally, we found that there are two disassembly holes, which you can't see from the appearance. We have a very precise circular grating there. Its two connecting bolts are M4 (less than 4mm in diameter), which are very small. If you don't find these two, the circular grating will be damaged if you hang them again. Not only did he work in vain, but he was also a sinner

after three days and nights of unremitting efforts, Wang Shujun finally found the culprit of the oil spill - a seemingly unsightly round iron piece. This iron plate is actually a hollow oil cylinder. The system supplies oil to the oil cylinder with a pressure of 200 kg through an extremely hidden hole. By controlling the expansion and contraction of this white plastic strip, it realizes the function of braking the whole clamping disc. The control accuracy can reach one thousandth of a degree. In other words, it can stop the rotation of the whole clamping disc within 360000 cycles. In addition, this oil is externally added with a layer of steel used for polyurethane cylinder, which cannot be overcome in China so far, and welding is impossible. After consulting various experts, Wang Shujun creatively solved the urgent need through infiltration method. In this flash of thought, the maintenance fitter actually cracked the secret that the German manufacturer never spread

interactive communication

Wang Shujun said that the worktable with one thousandth division, another is the spindle, and the other is the automatic tool changing hydraulic universal data experimental machine, which is mainly composed of the main body and the force measuring mechanism. This is their core. If the rest is kept confidential, it has no value of confidentiality. At that time, it broke their monopoly. At that time, they were absolutely monopolistic

in Wang Shujun's eyes, this set of equipment made in Germany has no secret. But Wang Shujun was not satisfied. A bolder idea flashed through his mind to transform the original German design and cure the stubborn disease of this set of equipment. The grating ruler is like the eye of the whole machining center. For example, the NC command requires the cutter head to advance by one millimeter, but does the cutter head advance by one millimeter? The machining center is determined by the glasses. Inside the aluminum shell of the grating ruler, there is a ruler made of glass, and the accuracy of the scale on the ruler reaches one thousandth of a millimeter. The system can accurately control the machine by reading the scale on the ruler with a laser. The overall working principle of the grating ruler is somewhat similar to a DVD player. This is an extremely precise instrument, and the working environment also requires extreme cleanliness. Even if a PM2.5 particle enters, it will cover more than two scales on the ruler

Wang Shujun said that most of the grating rulers are located in the processing area, and the environment in the processing area must not reach its ideal state. In addition, there are some defects in its design. At that time, we made statistics. We have a total of 12 Heller machining centers, and there are only 36 grating rulers on the linear axis. We need to change more than 40 every year, that is, we need to change all of them once

the purchase price of a grating ruler exceeds 10000 yuan. What's more, once the ruler goes wrong, the processing accuracy of the whole production line can't be guaranteed, and the loss of downtime for maintenance is far more than 10000 yuan. After in-depth and detailed research, Wang Shujun found the root of the problem - a rotating oil separation device

according to the original design of Germany, all oil and gas pipelines used in the machining center will be concentrated in this steel shaft and distributed to all parts of the machine through the small holes on the steel shaft. Among them, a compressed air wood-based panel is specially distributed to the grating ruler to blow away the dust inside the grating ruler. The pressure of this gas is only two kilograms, while the pressure of the lubricating oil adjacent to it is as high as 200 kilograms. What separates them is just a small rubber ring

according to Wang Shujun, its oil pressure is too high, more than 200 kg. Once the seal is worn, it is easy to string oil into it, and then the gas enters the grating ruler. It is easy to burn out the internal circuit of the reading head, which is the main reason

to find such design defects, Wang Shujun must have a detailed understanding of the whole machining center. Once you have this ability, it is easy to fix defects. Wang Shujun arranged compressed clean air for the grating ruler alone outside the main shaft. In the next four years, there was no problem with any grating ruler in the factory. What kind of talent does Wang Shujun have to overcome difficulties

break the myth of foreign monopoly

Wang Shujun graduated from Weichai technical school in 1997. His first job after graduation was to repair old-fashioned machine tools in the old workshop of Weichai. In 2005, when the company introduced Heller production line, it recruited maintenance experts from various workshops to escort new projects. At that time, Wang Shujun was 31 years old. Not to mention maintenance, he only knew a little about the use of CNC machine tools

Wang Shujun said, especially in the machining center, you only know the mechanical part and the electrical part. It is difficult for you to deal with a fault independently. It needs a comprehensive, not just electromechanical one. In my personal opinion, programming is more difficult. It is more professional, especially some code

in Wang Shujun's home, we saw such a large piece of paper. It can almost go around Wang Shujun's small study for half a week. The codes of CNC machine tools are densely written on the paper, which is the essence summarized by Wang Shujun from more than a dozen materials

relying on excellence and continuous research, Wang Shujun finally achieved profound attainments in the field of numerical control machine tools, breaking the foreign monopoly myth

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