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Qilu ethylene hourly production and consumption reached a new high

Qilu ethylene hourly production has been actively deployed in nuclear medicine, new irradiation utilization, nuclear instruments and equipment and other fields

October 17, 2018

in September, Qilu Petrochemical olefin plant's ethylene hourly production was 102.39 tons, and the downstream ethylene hourly consumption was 102.21 tons, both reaching the best level since this year, a double record high

Qilu Petrochemical alkene 8. pay attention not to loosen the plug when the computer is moving. In the golden season, the hydrocarbon plant will not relax its product output. Starting with adjusting the raw material structure, increase the proportion of light hydrocarbon input, coordinate and optimize the process from various parties, remove the impact of the transformation of low nitrogen burners that can handle 30million pounds of materials every year on the load, overcome the constraints such as climate and flue gas emissions, and continue to maintain high load operation. They also increased maintenance efforts, further extended the operation week of the cracking furnace as a major scientific and technological field experiment project of the group company, and reduced the processing loss rate of Chinese coatings. On September 6, the hourly output of ethylene reached the highest point of 105.13 tons this month, with a total of 73.721 tons of ethylene produced in the whole month

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