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The 17th China international textile fabrics and accessories (spring and summer) Expo opened on the morning of March 30, the 17th China international textile fabrics and accessories (spring and summer) Expo opened in full dress. Duyuzhou, President of China Textile Industry Association, xukunyuan and wangtiankai, vice presidents, visited the exhibition

at the booth of Shandong Ruyi group, the person in charge of the company introduced the company's 100% cashmere and 100% wool high count worsted products to duyuzhou, wangtiankai and other guests. According to the person in charge, these new products integrate Chinese art and culture, and are evaluated as "having the foundation to do luxury goods" by Australian luxury buyers. Duyuzhou commented: "after China's textile enterprises have reached the international leading level in technology, they should make greater efforts in the use of dirty forms and Chinese elements, such as the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston, and seek more ingenious and fashionable expressions." It is understood that Ruyi will mainly promote 200 cashmere and wool products this year, and more high-end products such as 400 are still in the promotion stage

at Ruyi's denim fabric booth, the staff introduced the product characteristics of the denim fabric with radiation protection function, and said that under the background of the Japanese earthquake, the radiation protection denim fabric has attracted the attention of both inside and outside the industry. Xukunyuan is very interested in the denim produced by ring spinning. According to reports, these low-cost, more delicate and soft fabrics after finishing have been highly recognized by customers

at the booths of Zhejiang meixinda and Huafang Co., Ltd., wangtiankai fully affirmed the new products of the enterprise, and especially proposed that the enterprise should not only pay attention to the market sales, but also pay attention to the profit margin when the market share of the new products reaches 90%. At the booth of Hunan Huasheng Group, the enterprise exhibited 100% RAMIE TEXTILES. Wangtiankai said that Huasheng's Hemp products have done quite well. Next, it is important to explore the market, especially the domestic market, so that more domestic consumers can understand and accept hemp textiles. In Nanshan exhibition, the lubricating oil level can be poured on the screw rod of the lower jaw. The person in charge of the enterprise introduced to duyuzhou and wangtiankai the new coffee charcoal tweed products developed in cooperation with relevant institutions in Taiwan and 600 high count and high-density woolen products. The person in charge of the enterprise said that although these high-end products are not fully accepted by the market at present, the products reflect the overall level of the enterprise

at the booth of ambition (China) Group Co., Ltd., duyuzhou and xukunyuan respectively asked about the four series of products launched by the company. When seeing the wool like products produced by the company, xukunyuan carefully touched and asked whether the physical process finishing technology was added. He said: "at present, the price of cotton remains high, and chemical fiber products are gradually becoming the main raw materials for fabric manufacturers. For example, fabrics made of chemical fiber filament are simpler than the weaving process of cotton, and the production efficiency dropped to 316 yuan/ton in December."

in overseas pavilions, the fashion trend booths of various countries attracted the attention of guests. At the exhibition booth in Daegu, South Korea, xukunyuan said: "at present, China's chemical fiber products have more and more markets, but compared with foreign excellent chemical fiber fabrics, there is still a gap in finishing."

at the booth of Chinachem group, duyuzhou said: "Chinachem's vigorous research and development of industrial textiles reflects the keen market sensitivity of the enterprise." The booth of Huafu sefang is full of fairy tales. According to the organizer, Huafu booth this year drew on the theme of "Alice in Wonderland". Professional VIPs gave high praise to the low-carbon model and fashion trend advocated by Huafu

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