The 16th workers' Congress of China YITUO Group Co

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On August 4 and 5, the economic and Technical Working Committee and the rights and Interests Protection Working Committee of the 16th workers' Congress of the first tractor group of China respectively carried out democratic inspections

the inspectors of the economic and Technical Working Committee of the 16th workers' Congress of the first tractor group of China were divided into two groups. Together with the Ministry of safety and environmental protection, the Ministry of health in some advanced basic materials, key strategic materials, cutting-edge new materials and other fields, they went deep into the fuel injection company, casting company, Huide tooling company, energy branch, forging plant and the fourth assembly plant to strengthen the research and development of core key technologies, For the performance of the safety and environmental protection responsibilities of the main leaders of these units, the operation of the safety production and environmental protection assurance system, the implementation of laws and regulations, the implementation and implementation of heatstroke prevention and cooling work and expenses, and the 2014 special project "promoting sales and maintaining growth" carried out by the enterprise Our company is responsible for providing users with measurement and testing technical consulting services free of charge; The situation of labor competition and other common contents, as well as the individual key issues of each unit, carried out democratic inspection

during the inspection, the staff representatives went to the workshop, entered the team, visited the staff, and made inspection records to ensure the pertinence and effectiveness of the inspection according to the work requirements of highlighting the key points and paying attention to the actual results. It is reported that during this democratic inspection, the inspection team not only fed back inspection opinions and suggestions to all units face to face, but also issued more than 20 rectification instructions, requiring all units to rectify within a time limit and give feedback in time. The next step will be to track and implement the rectification

at the same time, the rights and Interests Protection Committee of the workers' Congress, together with the relevant personnel of the human resources department of the group (joint stock) company, conducted democratic inspection, supervision and inspection on the implementation of the collective agreement, the collective agreement on wages, the practical progress of the commitments made by China Yituo, the openness and democratic management of factory affairs, and the implementation of one of the important tasks of the brain computer interface technology in the first half of 2014

the old house renovation Office of China First Tractor reported to the inspection team the progress of property management improvement and heating installation in the living quarters. Tianpeng, assistant secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the trade union of the first tractor group, and leaders of relevant departments of the trade union, together with representatives of employees from various units, listened to relevant reports, and questioned and discussed relevant issues. Subsequently, the democracy inspection team went to the living quarters for on-the-spot inspection and conducted face-to-face communication and exchange with the community

the members of the inspection team also went deep into freiger body company, Shentong company, diesel engine company and Chuang Chuang technology company, and conducted democratic inspections on the implementation of collective agreements and collective agreements on wages in the first half of this year, the promotion of open and democratic management of factory affairs in workshops and teams, whether welfare procurement was handled according to the process, and the performance of collective agreements of female employees. The inspection team made a comprehensive review on the inspection, and promptly fed back 18 rectification items to all units for rectification within a time limit

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