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The 19th stop of "customer care" of Shantui entered Datong, Shanxi Province. The 19th stop of "customer care" of Shantui entered Datong, Shanxi Province. On May 6, the service visit team of "starting from the heart and achieving value" of Shantui said that the yield point or physical strength of service was bent to the user site in Datong. The user owns 5 sets of Shantui sd16 bulldozers and 3 sets of SL50 loaders. The visiting group inspected all the equipment for the users, explained the relevant knowledge about the maintenance of the whole machine to the drivers, and exchanged the use of the engine of the third national standard

Shantui's "starting from the heart and achieving value" service visit team came to Datong user's site

the visit team inspected the equipment for the user at the site

the next day, the visit team came to Datong Huairen user's parking lot and assisted the agent company to deliver a SR22 roller to the user at the site. It is reported that the user has been purchasing foreign brand construction machinery and equipment since the establishment of the company. After the Shantui products reached the user's parking lot, after the driver's on-site test drive, it was suitable for the steel user manager with high requirements to conduct on-site inspection. The user was satisfied and said: "I didn't expect that Shantui products are so well made. In the future, they will give priority to domestic equipment when purchasing the products and equipment currently used by Audi and other manufacturers." The visiting group explained the relevant knowledge of product use and maintenance to the driver on site, and successfully delivered the equipment to the user

visit the team to check the equipment for the user on site

the 19th stop of Shantui "customer care" walk into Datong, Shanxi

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