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The 18th academic annual meeting of China Paper Association was successfully held in Nanning, Guangxi. China paper news: on May, 2018, the 18th academic annual meeting of China Paper Association and the fifth (expanded) meeting of the Seventh Council were held in Nanning, Guangxi. The annual meeting was hosted by the China paper making society, organized by the school of light industry and food engineering of Guangxi University and Guangxi paper making society. More than 260 experts and scholars from all over the country, including associations, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, and production enterprises, participated in the meeting

On May 17, the fifth (expanded) meeting of the Seventh Council of China papermaking society was first held. At the meeting, caozhenlei, executive vice president of China paper making society, made in China 6. Experimental software: Chinese winxp/2000 operating system, menu prompt, mouse selection, simple and convenient operation; 2017 work summary and 2018 work plan of China paper making society, and caochunyu, secretary general, made the 2017 financial report of China paper making society. Later, jinfuming, director of the academic department of the China papermaking society, read out the winners of the third China papermaking Cailun science and Technology Award and the youth science and technology award. Caozhenlei, the executive vice chairman, presented awards to Liuwen and zhangfengshan, the winners of Cailun science and technology award. Zhangmeiyun, hebeihai and Zhanghui, the vice chairmen, presented awards to zhuhongwei, lihailong and Lu Zhaoqing, the winners of Cailun Youth Science and technology award of China paper

caozhenlei, executive vice president of China papermaking society

caochunyu, Secretary General of China papermaking society

group photo of China papermaking Cailun Award for science and Technology Award

group photo of China papermaking Cailun Award for Youth Science and Technology Award

. At the meeting, qinchengrong, Dean of School of light industry and food engineering of Guangxi University, made a report on "pollution control of pulp cleaning bleaching technology"; Lauresta, the strategic partner of UPM group's technology department, described the development concept of providing sustainable technology to meet challenges with the title of "forest leading future - new forest based innovation"; Zhangfengshan, an engineer of Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd., made a research report on the "practice of papermaking wastewater, biogas and gas chemical industry". Zhuhongwei, chief engineer of Yueyang Forest Paper Co., Ltd., made a report on "research and application of technology to improve the adaptability of low quantitative cultural printing"; Professor lihailong of South China University of technology controlled the electromagnetic interference within a very small range and made a report on "Research on oxalate formation during Eucalyptus cooking and bleaching"

in the afternoon, including "Research on high performance aramid mica paper" by Professor Lu Zhaoqing of Shaanxi University of science and technology; Sun Xianqi, senior engineer of Quzhou Branch of China pulp and paper research institute, "study on the drift reaction process of equal concentration hydrogen peroxide"; Before the experiment of Voith Paper (China), check whether the connections of the experimental machine are normal. "Performance optimization products" by tangmingfu, manager of the product and service department and the transformation business application department of Voith Paper (China); the "development status of Wenrui double roll propeller extruder and large closed pressure Causticization system 1. changing the chuck into a self clamping device" by Wang Tao, manager of the technical department of Wenrui machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd, As well as the "development and application of new technologies for papermaking wastewater treatment and cleaner production" by Zhan Lei, deputy general manager of Guangxi boschke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., many experts and scholars from universities, scientific research institutes and well-known enterprises made technical reports

On the morning of May 18, mahuanxing, executive deputy general manager of Wenrui machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd., introduced the "development and application of pressure causticization complete equipment"; Chenguodong, sales manager of automation and papermaking 4.0 of Voith intelligent control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., shared the development achievements of "future digital platform and application of Voith intelligent manufacturing" with the participants; "Odor treatment of modern sulfate pulp plant" by jinfuming, vice president of technology of China Light International Engineering Co., Ltd; Yu Yingmin, alkali recovery project manager of pulp and energy business line of Valmet paper machinery technology (China) Co., Ltd., "a biorefinery concept of incinerating non condensable gas in pulp plant to produce sulfuric acid"; Professor xieyimin of Hubei University of technology made an analysis report on the topic of "synthesis and antioxidant performance analysis of oligomeric lignin" and "Application of intelligent power distribution system in pulp and paper industry" by hongbinbin, senior sales manager of Xiecheng Technology Co., Ltd. In addition, Ma Xin, executive editor of China paper magazine, made a detailed analysis and forecast on the scientific research focus and hot spot of the pulp and paper industry. During the meeting, the participants received enthusiastic responses and actively exchanged and interacted with the speakers

it is reported that the annual meeting received more than 120 papers, including 100 papers. After the evaluation of the organizing committee expert judges, 22 excellent papers were selected. Among them, there are 3 first prizes, 9 second prizes and 10 excellent prizes. In addition, the annual meeting also held the "exhibition of new technologies and new products" activity, and many enterprises showed the delegates their new equipment, new processes and new products. After the meeting, all participants visited Guangxi University and Guangxi boschko Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

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