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The 18th China International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition was grandly opened on June 29, the 18th China International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "2004 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition") was opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center, Pudong, Shanghai

at the opening ceremony, Mr. zhuyulun, chairman of Yashi group, the organizer, said that the exhibition had achieved many breakthroughs: the exhibition area reached 60000 square meters, an increase of 67% over the 2002 Shanghai Exhibition; Exhibitors come from 26 countries and regions, with a total number of about 930; There are more than 500 machines on display

seven special zones have been set up at the end of point 1, including "machinery zone", "auxiliary and testing instrument zone", "chemical industry and raw materials zone", "mold zone", "rubber equipment zone", "beverage and plastic packaging zone" and "finished product zone when the compression force of semi-finished samples on the impact tester is too large". At the meeting, there were fb-140r rotary table type precision two-color machine, ae-50 high-speed closed loop oil electric composite precision ejector, which was the masterpiece of fuqiangxin Precision Industry (stock) Co., Ltd., as well as te series co rotating twin-screw extruder, which was a high-quality product promoted by kemperon Keya (China) Co., Ltd; Stanyl? PA46、Akulon? Operating procedures of pa6/mortar tensile testing machine and precautions for using the equipment 66, etc., as well as antibacterial and non-toxic PVC particles, transparent UL fireproof materials and UPVC pipes of Yonglong Chemical Co., Ltd. In short, domestic and foreign enterprises perform on the same stage, and machinery and raw materials are divided into autumn. Many enterprises are coming for the reputation of the international rubber and plastic exhibition and the big market of China. Wang Gang, the marketing manager of Shanghai jieshijiexin polyurethane materials Co., Ltd., who participated in the exhibition for the first time, said that the international rubber and plastic exhibition has a great influence in the industry and hopes to improve its brand reputation through it

corresponding to the warm "competition" atmosphere, the audience was full of interest. In addition to the visitors from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao, there are also many overseas visiting groups, including the teams of Canadian Plastics Industry Association, Turkish Plastics Industry Association, Singapore Plastics Industry Association, American Plastics Industry Association and other organizations. Yashi group estimates that the number of visitors to this exhibition will reach 50000. It is believed that in the next three days, "production of plastic and rubber building materials - new trends and new technologies", "2004 International Forum on plastic packaging for food and beverage" and other exchange meetings will be held in succession, which will bring new and more in-depth understanding of the industry to the audience

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