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The 2007 Beijing spectral annual meeting was successfully held. The "2007 Beijing spectral annual meeting" hosted by the spectral society of Beijing Institute of physical and chemical analysis and testing technology and undertaken by Dexiang Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Beijing Beike building on December 13, 2007. About 150 experts, scholars and technicians from all over the country participated in the meeting

at the meeting, Professor zhengguojing of Metallurgical Research Institute of Shougang Corporation made a report on "new progress of atomic spectroscopic analysis instruments" based on the new instruments promoted by various manufacturers at the 2007bceia Instrument Exhibition, and commented on the new cutting-edge spectroscopic products in the current market. Professor Zheng pointed out: "at present, atomic spectroscopy technology is developing rapidly, and new products and technologies are emerging one after another. It is gratifying that some instruments of our domestic manufacturers have reached the international level in terms of atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence."

subsequently, some spectral analysis experts and representatives of well-known manufacturers at home and abroad made special reports on the technical trends of atomic spectrum and molecular spectrum analysis, new progress in spectral analysis instruments and other issues: evaluation of new CS-AAS instruments (gaojieping, Beijing General Research Institute of mining and metallurgy), direct sampling technology of atomic absorption spectrometry (Li Mei, Shanghai Tianmei Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.), New progress in molecular spectroscopic analysis instruments (sunsuqin, analysis center of Tsinghua University), new progress in Raman spectroscopy technology (zhouqun, Department of chemistry, Tsinghua University), new technology in modern atomic absorption spectrometry (wangsuping, Jena analytical instruments Co., Ltd., Germany), progress in atomic fluorescence spectrometers - instrument development trends at home and abroad (wangminghai, national iron and steel materials testing center), Application and development of Shimadzu emission spectrum (anguoyu, Shimadzu International Trade Co., Ltd.)

after the end of the morning report, the participants had a heated and useful discussion on the issues of common concern in the process of spectral analysis by taking advantage of the noon break. Evonik expanded the production capacity of biomaterials. In the future, there is a huge demand in the medical market. It should also avoid the situation that the extended calculation that is lower than the electronic high-temperature creep endurance testing machine but meets the requirements of the experimental method should be judged as unqualified. In the afternoon, the academic meeting continued. The special reports included: the progress of ICP spectrometers (xinrenxuan, Tsinghua University), the performance review of ICP full spectrum instruments and scanning instruments (jizihua, Institute of geomechanics, Chinese Academy of Geosciences), the progress of molecular absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy analysis technology (Li Na, Beijing University), the progress of GDS instruments and Analysis Technology (Yuxing, national iron and steel materials testing center), near infrared spectroscopy technology and application (yuanhongfu, Beijing University of Chemical Technology), Application of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer in RoHS analysis (Fubin, Beijing Research Institute of mining and metallurgy)

by studying the reports of spectral analysis experts and manufacturer representatives, it can be seen that the spectral analysis technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Various instrument manufacturers have launched new products with core technical advantages, and the competition in the spectral market is unprecedented fierce. With the continuous progress of spectral analysis technology and the continuous improvement of spectral analysis instruments, spectral instruments involve more and more fields, and play a more and more important role in various fields. They have played an irreplaceable role in some fields. The wonderful special report of the conference benefited the participants a lot, and gained a new and comprehensive understanding of the latest international spectral analysis technology and the current development of spectral instruments in China

during the preparatory process of the conference, societies at all levels and relevant units assisted and supported the following points: ⑴ 5 ℃ to ⑵ 0 ℃, mainly including Beijing evantis Technology Co., Ltd., Germany Jena analytical instruments Co., Ltd., Germany Speke analytical instruments Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tianmei Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., Shimadzu International Trade Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yiyao Microwave Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. All the participants expressed their deep gratitude to the above-mentioned units and individuals

the academic atmosphere of the conference was quite strong. Through this conference, the friendship and communication between representatives were enhanced and a great opportunity for full cooperation was provided. The participants hoped to hold more such meetings in the future. The Council of spectral society of Beijing Institute of physical and chemical analysis and testing technology decided to hold such an annual meeting every year in the future

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