Japanese small house decoration cases are charming

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The example of Japanese small house decoration gives people a sense of classicality and freshness. Wood and wood colored things are indispensable in this style of decoration. The example of Japanese small house decoration looks very refreshing, does not feel complicated, and gives people a clear feeling. Such space and decoration can make the space look much larger. Now let's experience this style of decoration

looking around, the whole space is open and bright, which makes people relax physically and mentally. The beige sofa is simple and generous, with a round wooden tea table, with a strong Japanese style. The embedded wall lamp has a full sense of fashion. Floor to ceiling windows are beautiful and atmospheric, which makes the temperament of the space improve all at once. The shutter effectively adjusts the brightness of the room and brightens the whole space. A green plant brings a touch of nature

the rectangular wooden dining table shows the rich Japanese tranquility. The wooden chair with curved back is suitable for the body structure of the human body, showing a comfortable feeling. The white ceiling fan matches the tone of the whole space, simple but elegant

the inclined ceiling makes the space more spacious. A set of white tableware reflects the owner's aesthetic taste. The small potted plants placed on the table make the dining environment more warm and romantic

under the TV cabinet, you can put CDs, remote controls, etc., which are convenient for the owner to take. The storage rack made of wood, with decorations, makes the space more emotional. Embedded storage cabinet, with large capacity storage function

the frosted glass window shows a transparent feeling, and the flower pattern on the window surface is elegant and generous. The layered storage cabinet can put the books at home at a glance, making the small home more tidy and convenient for the owner to take

the wooden backgammon bar is not only unique in shape, but also can be used flexibly as a dining table. The rattan woven bamboo basket is natural and fresh, which looks unique. It is just right for placing small sundries in the home

the wooden crossbeam at the ceiling not only separates the space, but also has a decorative effect. Silver metal faucet, full of texture, with silver sink, the whole is very harmonious

the light wood colored floor exudes the original natural flavor. The black computer chair with wheels makes it easy to move and comfortable. The irregular desk is very characteristic. The silver wall lamp is very modern

the space formed by the combination of warm wood color and simple white creates a warm home environment. The pointed wall lamp, coupled with the black lamp holder, has a very European retro style, showing elegance

the dark gray carpet not only has anti-skid effect, but also is convenient for the owner to clean. The large white bathtub shows a comfortable feeling. The storage rack made of glass can put shampoo, shower gel, etc

wooden floors, wooden doors and windows, and wooden washdesks, the sense of integration surged out. The rectangular mirror cabinet can not only be used for the owner to tidy up and wear, but also plays a storage role, making the washing room more tidy

diatomite is used on the wall of the toilet, which has the function of deodorizing and regulating moisture. The white toilet looks clean and tidy. The automatic washing table above the toilet is creative and practical

are you ready to move after looking at the above Japanese small house decoration cases? Also want to decorate this style? Of course, this is only one case. If you need to know more about this kind of case, please continue to follow the information or visit our website to follow the information platform





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