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Sewing agent manufacturers have sprung up one after another, and the competition in the sewing agent industry is becoming increasingly fierce. This situation shows that the sewing agent industry is developing rapidly, which is gratifying for the majority of sewing workers. A mature industry must have perfect and high-quality quality quality assurance and after-sales service. There are more and more brands of ceramic tile sealant, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. The market of ceramic tile sealant is also growing. However, some sewing workers feel that sewing jobs are hard to find, because you don't know the following "hidden rules":

first deal 7 principle

1. What customers want is not cheap, but they feel they have taken advantage of it

2. Do not argue about price with customers, but discuss value with customers

3. There are no wrong customers, only bad service

4. What to sell is not important, but how to sell is important

5. There is no best product, only the most suitable product

6. There are no goods that cannot be sold, only those who cannot be sold

7. Success is not luck, but because of methods

five principles in the second bargain

1. Never quote first, and whoever reports first will die first

2. Never accept the starting conditions of the other party, and whoever accepts it will suffer losses

3. Bargain must be lower than the other party's expected goal, and it's a fool not to kill

4. Smell the color change, making the other party feel that his asking price is too frightening

5. Choose to be ready to leave at any time and force the other party to make a hasty decision

the third most profitable character is "persistence"

the survey found that 80% of salespeople have to call the same person for the fifth time to make a deal. 48% of salesmen lost a customer source after the first call. 25% gave up after the second call. 12% gave up after the third time. 10% continue to call. These 10% who don't give up are the people who earn the most. Building materials market, decoration companies are the same. Run and go more

fourth, establish common beliefs and values

at first, black pearls were not easy to sell. Many people thought that they were not good in color, gray and dark. Later, the merchant put the black pearl in the Fifth Avenue window and marked it with an incredible high price; At the same time, advertisements were continuously published, placing black pearls against diamonds and gemstones. In this way, things that didn't know their value were hailed as rare treasures overnight. Set up your own brand concept, find tile shops and decoration companies with the same brand as yourself, and what can reflect your value is to see who you are with, and the price of beautiful sewing will naturally go up

fifth, three things to do when visiting customers

1. Pay attention to let the customer say that every 45 seconds, we must mobilize the customer to say 15 seconds. Keep talking at the same speed as the other party

after 2 or 3 minutes, you should find the scope of interest of the customer and guide the topic to the hot spot of the other party

3. Try to make customers remember their unique characteristics, not those of the company or products. Pay attention to each other's psychological expectations, personality characteristics, quality and experience

pie in the sixth convenience store

1. The best-selling beverage is placed in the innermost part of the store: let you shop more

2. Put interrelated items together: stimulate your needs and let you buy more

3. There will always be snacks in front of the cashier: let you buy things you didn't want to buy. The layout structure of the store is carefully set up, and every effort is made to induce customers to spend more money. Do you usually find these secrets? First, make a few meters free for customers, so that owners can see the effect of Meifeng sewing, and naturally choose Meifeng sewing. Guiding consumption is like the subsidy policy of didi taxi and takeout platform. Now they are reaping the dividends of users

seventh, master communication skills, calmly face customer complaints

1, give play to empathy, and carefully listen to complaints

2. Express gratitude and explain why you attach importance to his complaints

3. Apologize for your mistakes. Yes, apologize for your mood

4. Promise to deal with it immediately and make up actively

5. Propose solutions and schedule, and ask the other party to confirm

6. Confirmation of satisfaction after doing things

7. The best after-sales service is no after-sales service. If you do your job well and master these hidden rules skillfully, the performance of Meifeng will be better and better

according to the feedback from the sales market, in order to win the trust of consumers and expand the market, in addition to the quality and plastic beauty of the sewing agent itself, consumers also attach importance to the Zunfeng sewing agent brand. Now there are many sewing agent brands, and consumers have a special preference for some well-known Zunfeng sewing agent brands. As a mature and marketable well-known brand of Zun Feng Mei sewing agent, Zun Feng Mei sewing agent not only has higher requirements for the quality of Zun Feng Mei sewing agent, but also has strict packaging, after-sales, and product updates of Zun Feng Mei sewing agent. Without unity, there will be no formality, and without formality, there will be no development. Therefore, while strengthening the publicity, Zunfeng zunmei sewing agent manufacturers work harder to ensure product quality and after-sales service, so that consumers can buy it at ease and use it comfortably. Zunfengmei sewing agent - original nano TiO2 micro colloidal particle coating technology! The durability of product functions is increased by 3 times! The recognition of consumers will certainly promote the sustainable, stable, healthy and rapid development of zunfengmei sewing agent industry





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