Sweet lovers bask in the countryside and live happ

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Rural style decoration has always been very romantic, and some color elements are essential decoration. Through the overall decoration, create a spring like atmosphere, so that people living indoors can feel the beauty of nature. Let's enjoy the indoor effect of this happy couple's pastoral style design

a fresh and romantic idyllic bedroom, with colors and light green decoration, highlights a very refreshing visual effect, making the bedroom life more comfortable. The large window is also a good place to bring full lighting. Romantic style layout, coupled with some small decorations in the bedroom, in fact, life can be so simple and beautiful, so that you can deeply reflect a natural state

this relatively simple pastoral style living room, the relatively gorgeous sofa is a highlight collocation, the bright flowers are lifelike, and the colored furniture supplies are also a common element in the pastoral style. The decorative effect it can express is also a very fashionable natural flavor, and it is also a fashion to use color elements to reflect its own style

all kinds of factors should be considered in a home-based life. There are not many colors and decorations in this living room, but it is enough to reflect its style design effect. The hollowed out storage area on the wall is a very classical decorative style, which can also reflect a retro style through these small details. Every detail in life is something that cannot be ignored in decoration





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