The 11th special training class for curtain fabric

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Isalai's 11th special training course for curtain fabric tailors officially opened a few days ago, and students from all over the country came to the company headquarters to participate in the training. We look forward to the students' successful learning and excellent performance in this training

on the morning of May 19, with the smooth opening ceremony of the 11th special training class for curtain fabric tailors of isalai "cutting out the beauty of curtains and the soul of fabric art", the 11th training of isalai officially kicked off

at the opening ceremony, Mr. Lin Jiarong, Dean of isalay business school and marketing director of isalay, expressed a warm welcome to the students of this special training class who returned to the headquarters of isalay company painstakingly from all over the country, and expressed his wishes and expectations. I hope the students can learn something in this training and return with full success

(president of isalay business school and director of marketing center Lin delivered a speech)

then, Mr. Lu xueyin, the head teacher of this special training class, explained the course content and course arrangement of this training, and put forward corresponding requirements for students in order to ensure the quality of class learning

(speech by Mr. Lu xueyin, the 11th class teacher)

finally, teacher LAN Xiaohua and teacher Yan Hailing also made simple speeches on the stage one after another, and extended a warm welcome and sincere greetings to the students participating in this training

(teacher LAN Xiaohua delivers a speech and warmly welcomes the students)

(teacher Yan Hailing delivers a speech)

a good start of this special training class is half the success. The editor saw that the students were fully prepared for the feast of sharing knowledge and skills

(students listen to the teacher attentively)

more wonderful news and content about this training will be presented to you later

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