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A good floor should not only be inspected from the perspective of aesthetics, but also its compression resistance and wear resistance should stand the test. So how can I buy a qualified floor

it is important to set the tone of the home as a whole.

in the process of home design and decoration, the choice of color and material of the floor is very important, because the floor is the background and foundation of the whole home design. In addition, the floor design should pay attention to the tone, which is the collocation of colors. At the same time, we should also consider the purity and lightness of colors

grasp the money, the quality is excellent, and the price is high

choose the tree species of floor raw materials, and the prices of different tree species vary greatly. Don't be misled by some non-standard floor names. Choose solid wood floors made of natural color boards and tree species with stable wood properties. Check the moisture content of the wooden floor. If the moisture content is too high or too low, various deformation conditions such as arching, corrugating, expansion and contraction will occur during use or when the ambient temperature and humidity change. The moisture content of a good floor meets the standard, which can prolong its service life. When choosing the size of the wooden floor, the key is to be short rather than long, narrow rather than wide. If floor heating is used in home decoration, the wooden floor should be relatively thin

close contact, splicing to see whether it fits perfectly

use several floors to splice at will, check whether it is tight, and whether the feel is flat and smooth. How to save money in decoration? On, free design budget quotation. Check the fineness of the floor workmanship, and check whether the quality is fine and smooth from observation and hand feeling, and whether the assembly of mortise and groove fit, installation gap, anti deformation groove and so on are closely matched

have an in-depth understanding and observe whether the paint film on the surface of the paint board is round.

choose the paint quality of the floor. It is best to choose UV curing paint. First of all, observe whether the paint film on the surface of the paint board is uniform, plump, bright and clean, and whether there are paint leaks, blisters, holes and other phenomena. The lubricity of the side paint, fingers along the notch, there is no rough feeling. Nearly half of the manufacturers in the market cannot make the edge paint round

health is the most important, and green environmental protection is the most reassuring.

green environmental protection is one of the most valued elements of modern decoration. The country now has environmental protection standards for decorative building materials. The most common laminate flooring in the market has high formaldehyde content due to process problems. At present, the more environmentally friendly wood on the market is mainly solid wood composite flooring and multi-layer composite flooring. The latter is a new type of flooring that is improved on the basis of solid wood composite flooring. Although the market recognition is not as good as the previous types of flooring, it is believed that it will be used more and more with the market understanding of multi-layer composite flooring

long term plan, pay more attention to stability and deformation

floors generally need to withstand the test of moderation and heat. In particular, many modern decoration have introduced geothermal energy, so the traditional solid wood flooring obviously cannot meet the decoration needs. Solid wood composite flooring is an improvement and supplement to solid wood flooring, but like laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring also has shortcomings, that is, the hardness is obviously insufficient, As a result, it is unable to meet the needs of some fine decorated model houses and public places

user experience, personal experience of hardness and wear resistance

as the saying goes, it is not enough to just look gorgeous. After all, the floor is used frequently in building materials. If there is no good hardness and wear resistance, the gorgeous floor will be dim sooner or later. Because of this, laminate flooring will rise rapidly after solid wood flooring and occupy the market. Although hardness and wear resistance are absolute advantages, laminate flooring has a poor foot feel in comparison

precautions: we need to remind you that the effect of single floor and overall pavement is not exactly the same, so we should pay attention to laying more pieces in the purchase to see the effect, and then determine whether to buy. Color is the primary factor. Deep tone flooring has strong appeal and expressiveness, distinct personality characteristics, and light tone flooring has a simple, fresh and elegant style. In recent years, the demand for some seemingly defective wood floors, such as knots, insect eyes, rotten, cracked texture floors, has increased, which reflects the concept of people paying attention to nature and returning to nature




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