Matters needing attention in the decoration of sev

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A chic clothes rack, a small shelf, a light and ingenious cabinet, a suit of equipment that needs to be unloaded when entering the door and hung when leaving the door, one by one has a place to live, and the scattered and messy are properly placed in order. A large or small mirror can be used for finishing makeup. If you put a few books, when your husband waits for his wife to make final preparations before going out, he can easily turn them over and spend that period of time, which can be said to be long or short. And a few flowers and plants, a few novel and lively small furnishings, make the whole space flexible in an instant. In addition to convenience, the care and consideration in the smallest part bring people warmth and touch in the smallest part

all the wonderful things in the room are hidden behind the porch. Before going out of the porch, all short-term imagination may become a reality. At the junction of the interior space and the outside world, the porch is a buffer place, a concrete and microcosm, a prelude to music, a preface to prose, and a channel for wind, sunshine and warmth

1. Just put away the dried clothes from the hospital and put them on the porch cabinet, so that the whole room is soaked with the smell of the sun

2. The simple design can be so beautiful. The novel mirror design makes you have a good mood when finishing your makeup

3. Hanging a row of clothes hooks is probably the simplest porch layout. Add a small stool and you can sit down and rest, which relieves the tension and hurry of going out

4 Several beloved books, a bottle of elegant perfume, no matter the host or guest, will feel the fragrance of the room when they enter the home

5. The mirror and the cabinet echo each other in design, and the angle can also be adjusted according to needs

6. The small cabinet with multiple drawers can store scarves, gloves, leather bags, various cosmetics, keys and other small things in different categories, so that the preparation work before going out is orderly

7. The porch area is not large, and a large square cabinet will appear very crowded. With a slight change in the shape of the cabinet, there are a lot of things stored, but it looks very light




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