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The prospect is still bright. An analysis of the future development direction of the flooring industry

at present, the domestic flooring market is facing the pressure of raw material costs and the ups and downs of the financial and real estate policy environment, and is excited about the market signal of expanding domestic demand during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Admittedly, on the whole, China's flooring industry is in a very difficult trough period, and it can be predicted that this period will continue for a long time, but we must see that this situation promotes the transformation and development of the flooring industry to the direction of technological innovation, low-carbon environmental protection, sustainable development and so on, and the flooring market will also embark on a gradually standardized and healthy development road

for flooring enterprises, in such a period, while ensuring their own survival and development, it is particularly important to predict the future development path of the industry. In the author's opinion, China's future wood flooring industry will develop in the following directions:

first, it will develop in the direction of standardization, standardization and science and technology

second, through scientific and technological means, gradually improve the use function of the wooden floor, improve the dimensional stability of the wooden floor, and make the wooden floor more wear-resistant, smoldering, water-resistant, antistatic, etc

third, there will be various forms of surface processing of solid wood floors, such as the use of high wear-resistant surface paint or the use of wear-resistant transparent materials for cladding

fourth, composite wood flooring will become the development trend of wood flooring industry. In the future, the composite methods of composite wood flooring mainly include the composite of wood and other materials, the composite of high-quality hardwood and fast-growing wood, the leftover and small-diameter wood of high-quality hardwood are processed into specification materials and composite into flooring, the raw wood is processed into flooring through modification, the composite of high-quality flooring, the composite of high-quality wood and man-made board, etc. Composite wood flooring can not only effectively save wood resources, but also has environmental protection advantages. It is believed that with the further development of the world environmental protection trend, composite wood flooring will also get faster development

due to the particularity of wood flooring processing technology, it is directly related to people's life safety. In the production process of laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring and bamboo flooring, urea formaldehyde resin glue with formaldehyde as raw material is usually used. If the production process is unreasonable or improperly controlled, the formaldehyde emission will exceed the standard. Formaldehyde emission exceeding the standard will lead to people's respiratory system and eye discomfort and other diseases, and even suspected to cause cancer. Therefore, AQSIQ has issued relevant environmental protection standards and enforced to stop selling wooden floors that do not meet the national standards on the market. It is particularly important for wood flooring enterprises to attach importance to quality, advocate environmental protection and create famous and high-quality brands. Wood flooring promotes the development of China's import and export trade. China is short of wood resources. The raw material of the surface of solid wood composite flooring is high-quality broad-leaved wood. China imports a large amount of wood from Africa, South America and Southeast Asia every year, especially those precious tree species. Wood flooring in China is very popular in the international market, and solid wood composite flooring is mainly exported to Europe, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other places. Wood flooring conforms to the national industrial policy of sustainable development. Due to its reasonable structure, environmental protection and comfort, and moderate price, solid wood composite flooring is also in line with the national industrial policy of sustainable development. The industry of the company's leading products is a technology intensive industry encouraged by the state at present. Its development is important to adjust the product structure of forestry industry, make rational use of forest resources, and drive the Directional Cultivation of forest resources. Facing the form of low-carbon economy and sustainability, China's flooring industry urgently needs to break through the bottleneck of technological innovation and resource utilization, give full play to the green and low-carbon advantages of wood flooring, and carry the future with green

in a word, the trend of the national macro-control policy will have a great impact on the development and market structure of the wood flooring industry, and bring new opportunities and challenges. In a long period of time, many small and medium-sized flooring enterprises will face the test of the adverse situation of closing, merging and turning, while large enterprises and well-known brands with strength, good management, good quality and good after-sales service will have the opportunity to break the cocoon into butterflies and achieve leapfrog development

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