Employers must stop the rot of the toxic workplace

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Employers must stop the rot of the toxic workplace - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Speaking last month while launching the #AppleToo movement, security engineer Cher Scarlett said she decided to collect and publish the toxic workplace stories of current and former Apple colleagues because leaders within the business were “not holding themselves accountable” for internal company hatred.

That this has emerged within what is arguably the tech industry’s most secretive company reflects the extent to which the power dynamic is shifting away from employers in favour of workersGet more of what matters in your inbox. It should be a wake-up call for organisations that continue to shirk responsibility for bullying, harassment:1622668883907,, and similarly destructive behaviour within the workplace.

A survey conducted recently by UK-based Instantprint found that while the majority of 1,000 people questioned were reasonably happy in their current workplace, nearly 70 per cent said they experienced a toxic work environment at some point in their careers. Not surprisingly, more than half – 56% – said they would likely leave their job because of a negative workplace cultureto be needing to go to hospital or an ambulance to be called. So it.

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