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Characteristics and use of hybrid ink

development history of hybrid ink

hybrid ink is a new type of ink formed by mixing ordinary ink components with UV curing materials. It combines general ink and UV curing technology, installs one or more UV curing lamps on the printing machine, so that the ink can be printed on the traditional sheet fed printing machine, and UV varnish can be quickly printed on the hybrid ink and cured, Obtain uniform high gloss glazing effect

people initially used mixed inks to achieve UV glazing without reducing gloss. In use, it was found that this kind of ink has many good properties of UV ink, but it does not need a lot of UV light when drying and fixing. Therefore, some companies that used UV ink in the past turned to mixed inks

the overall performance of mixed ink is slightly inferior to that of standard UV ink, but for those printing manufacturers who want to make profits with less investment, mixed ink is a good choice. As early as the middle of the last century, UV varnish has become the first choice for glazing because of its high gloss, real-time drying and good friction resistance. However, due to the large differences in chemical composition and chemical properties between UV varnish and ordinary ink, the incompatibility between them leads to poor adhesion between ordinary ink and varnish. In addition, the initial high gloss of the finished printing product is not retained for a long time after printing, resulting in glossback, which leads to uneven gloss of the finished printing product. The gloss of the dark area with large ink coverage area decreases the most, while the area with small coverage area or no ink is still bright

if the ordinary ink is completely dry before glazing, then 1. Check whether the power supply of the tensile testing machine is powered on before online. UV glazing effect is very good. In order to prevent the back of ordinary ink from rubbing dirty in the drying stage, it is necessary to spray powder, which will make the surface of the printing sheet that should be bright and smooth appear sand like, affecting the appearance of the printed matter after polishing

later, water-based polishing oil is used for online polishing and spraying is reduced as much as possible. 2. Capacity selection: 200~2000kg powder, the effect is better. However, if the printing sheet needs to be run twice in the printing machine, the cost will increase and the efficiency will decrease. In order to overcome this shortcoming, printing machine manufacturers have developed printing machines with double glazing units. Two glazing units print two layers of glazing oil on the ordinary ink when the paper is fed once in the printing machine. First, a layer of water-based varnish is printed to cover the ordinary ink layer, and then UV varnish is printed to make it have high gloss. Because it is difficult to fully dry the water-based varnish, the real drying of the water-based varnish requires the polymerization of acrylic emulsion in the varnish. To speed up its drying on the printing machine will inevitably cause other problems. There are force adding devices: clamps; Power value display device and record. Although some printing materials use this glazing effect very well, it is still difficult for a wide variety of printing materials

in recent years, some ink manufacturers have developed to mix ordinary ink materials with solidified materials, put UV lamps in front of the UV glazing unit to dry and fix the mixed ink, and form high gloss on the surface of the printed matter after UV glazing, thus creating a new type of mixed ink

for example, hy bryte max of Sun Chemical Company is a kind of mixed ink that combines ordinary materials with UV curing materials. When used, UV lamps are placed at the end of the printing unit and in front of the UV glazing unit to completely cure the mixed ink. The specific glazing effect depends on the type of UV glazing oil, printing material and glazing device used, but when the mixed ink is combined with UV glazing oil and cured well, a uniform gloss and bright print will be obtained

characteristics of mixed ink

compared with ordinary ink, mixed ink has many advantages

hybrid ink printing combines the characteristics of UV curing and traditional offset materials, so that the ink can maximize the characteristics of UV ink after UV curing. The key of this process is UV curing technology. The high-energy UV lamp instantly solidifies and dries the mixed ink between the printing machine and the glazing device. This instant curing greatly reduces energy consumption, reduces the cost of production, storage and treatment, and improves production efficiency

the special ink roller, blanket and fountain solution used for UV ink are not required for mixed ink. In this way, printing plants use mixed ink when they need online glazing, and use ordinary ink when they don't need glazing. The situation of mixed ink is the same as that of ordinary ink printing. When different ink rollers and rubber cloths are used with mixed ink, the effect may be different

when printing with mixed ink, the gloss will not fade after UV glazing. It is especially suitable for printing with high ink coverage

the printing performance of mixed ink on the printing machine is also similar to that of ordinary ink. UV ink ink balance is generally difficult to control, but mixed ink is similar to ordinary ink, it is not difficult to control ink balance. The printing characteristics of UV ink, such as dot enlargement, overprint and printing contrast, are not as good as ordinary ink, while mixed ink is similar to ordinary ink. In addition, because the UV curing material in the mixed ink is not dry before UV light irradiation, the mixed ink is always flowing on the printing machine, so it will not cause printing failure by skinning on the ink roller like ordinary ink

due to the instant drying of printing with mixed ink, it can be online UV polished on the printing machine without using water-based polishing oil for backing, and its printing quality is no less than that of ordinary offset printing ink

mixed inks have a wide range of applications and less investment. For printing plants with UV technology, you only need to buy mixed ink; For printing plants that have not yet used UV technology, in addition to purchasing mixed inks, they only need to invest in UV curing equipment and UV lamps

application of mixed ink

mixed ink can be used not only for paper printing, but also for non absorbent printing materials such as plastic, aluminum foil, metal paper, etc. It has good adhesion to plastic. UV curing technology is used to solve the problem of ink drying of non absorbent substrate materials. The mixed ink prints clear spots, which improves the quality of offset printing

mixed ink can be used not only in sheet fed printers, but also in narrow web printers. Now mixed inks are increasingly used to print products requiring good gloss, such as photo albums, posters, cards, folding cartons, medicine and cosmetics packaging boxes

precautions for using mixed ink

when printing with mixed ink, at least install a UV lamp after the last printing unit and before the UV glazing unit. According to the speed of the printing machine and the hiding power of the ink, a UV lamp can be added to prevent the ink from drying completely. A polishing device is also needed, and a certain number of UV lamps are installed at the back of the printing machine to ensure that the UV polishing oil can be fully cured at a certain printing speed

there are many possibilities for the configuration of the printing machine, the most typical is to install a UV lamp in front of and behind the glazing unit. Although lamps are generally not required in the printing unit room, some manufacturers have found that installing UV lamps in the printing unit room has certain advantages

mixed inks can also be polished with water-based varnish. Some printing houses have found that this process improves the surface gloss of printed matter. Although the glazing effect is not as good as UV glazing oil, it is better than using water-based glazing oil on ordinary ink

when using mixed ink for printing, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether the mixed ink is suitable for the specific printing business of the printing factory; The second is to fully understand the characteristics of mixed ink in all aspects. It is best to consult the ink factory, glazing equipment factory and UV lamp factory. At the same time, we should also consider whether the ink roller and blanket of the printing machine are ideal, and whether the consumables such as fountain solution are compatible with the mixed ink. In addition, it is best to use the products of the same manufacturer for mixed ink and glazing oil

disadvantages of hybrid inks

at present, the biggest disadvantage of hybrid inks is that they are more expensive than ordinary offset inks. However, the use of mixed ink printing has huge resources and market space, a solid petrochemical industry foundation, and a natural deep-water port that can be instantly dried, which saves labor, reduces waste products, and speeds up the preparation time for printing. Therefore, the overall cost has not increased. At the same time, it can be transported out of the factory immediately after printing, which improves productivity and reduces powder spraying and related maintenance costs

another aspect of mixed ink that needs to be improved is that when printing high gloss products with multi-color mixed ink, the technology has not reached the perfect state

prospect of mixed ink development

the future market potential of mixed ink is amazing. It will be a new development direction of ink technology and create a new future. In the future, hybrid inks will mainly develop in several directions: developing efficient UV curing technology for hybrid ink printing; It is also an important development direction for color hybrid inks that are cheap and have high gloss effect without losing gloss

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