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Characteristics and application of EPF type special coating for corrosion prevention of metal packaging

with the large number of steel drums used in the packaging of liquid food and liquid chemicals in China, metal drum packaging has its unique advantages compared with glass container packaging, ceramic container packaging, plastic container packaging, etc., that is, the volume of steel drum packaging container can be large or small, the transportation process can withstand collision, the container itself is light, the price is cheap and so on. However, the steel drum packaging is easy to rust, which is its weakness. However, as long as the anti-corrosion coating on the inner wall is solved, the weakness of the steel drum will be overcome. The EPF coating epoxy anti-corrosion inner coating, which we have successfully developed, is a steel drum anti-corrosion inner coating with comprehensive anti-corrosion performance, and is a good product to replace the paint imported from Japan. EPF coating is compared with the solvent based epoxy steel barrel inner corrosion coating imported from Japan in terms of the main working ingredients of the coating; The coating is applied inside the steel barrel on the construction process; The color of the products baked on the steel barrel; The adhesion and impact resistance of the coating film to the steel barrel meet the production requirements of the steel barrel. In the past, China imported a large amount of this coating from Japan. Now we have built a production device with an annual output of 100 tons. The coating has been identified by Zhejiang food hygiene supervision and Inspection Institute, "it meets the requirements of G and Asia, and will be slightly higher than the European and American B national standard sanitary standard for epoxy phenolic coating on the inner wall of food cans". This product can be provided in large quantities

epf coating is mainly used in liquid food (such as glucose, butter, lard, honey, caramel, white oil, ketchup, jam, etc.). EPF coating is made of epoxy resin, organic solvents, pigments, fillers and other main components through the most extensive use of glass fiber. Some of the raw materials used for making this coating are processed by powerlessness, and some are made of imported raw materials, Therefore, the product quality is stable and reliable

epf coating is characterized by strong adhesion with metal, impact resistance, good toughness, good gloss and fullness, so it can be widely used as interior coating of liquid food packaging and other uses

epf coating quality index:

appearance: milky white viscous liquid


viscosity: seconds (coating 4, 25 ℃)

fineness: ≤ 40 μ M

adhesion: grade

resistance: 50kg · cm2

EPF coating use and construction method key points:

as EPF coating is a single component, it must be stirred evenly when used. If the viscosity is large for a few seconds, high-quality coke water can be used as diluent. The coated work pieces must be pretreated to remove the rust on the surface of the work pieces. Conventional degreasing and derusting methods can be used, such as acid pickling, alkali washing Passivation oxygen electrode chemical method, etc., can be selected according to the substrate. The coating of processed workpieces can adopt the methods of air spraying, airless spraying and electrostatic spraying. The working pressure of air spraying is generally controlled at about 3kg. As this coating is a solvent based thermosetting coating, the workpiece must be baked after coating. The temperature is generally controlled at ℃, and the baking time is based on the steel barrel. The detection speed is fast. When measuring, it is about minutes to place the test piece vertically on the torque disc

coating storage and use: the coating should be stored in a cool place, not in the sun. When the coating is taken out of the packaging barrel, the coating in the barrel must be stirred evenly before it is taken out for use, so as not to affect the coating quality of the steel barrel due to the color depth and uneven thickness

users' opinions on the use of EPF coating that has led to the decline of industry profits:

this coating is used in the internal coating construction of steel drums by Hangzhou Qianjiang metal products Co., Ltd., Dongyang East China barrel company, Shanghai chemical barrel factory, Hubei Xiantao metal container factory and other units. It is believed that: (1) EPF coating can fully adapt to the pretreatment spraying and baking process conditions during the coating construction in the steel drum packaging plant; (2) the coating surface of the steel barrel coated inside after baking and curing is smooth; ⑶ the observation from the film shows that the fineness of EPF coating is good; (4) the adhesion and impact resistance of the film meet the requirements of the internal steel barrel; According to the users' satisfaction with the application results of EPF coating internal coating steel barrel construction

source -- Hafu chemical plant of Zhejiang Chemical Research Institute

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