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Characteristics and application of high-density cow pickup truck

some paper mills in the United States produce a high-density cow pickup truck. The fiber of this high-density pickup truck can be combined with plastic to make high-performance corrugated boxes. High performance corrugated box is a new generation of transportation packaging. It can not only withstand the pressure of stacking, but also not be affected by the hot or humid climate

the structural feature of high-density pickup truck is that when making paper, the fiber enters copper and is rearranged into a cross structure, so as to obtain a strong cardboard. In papermaking, we should choose fresh fibers, carefully control the requirements of moisture content, and use special pressure rollers to increase the density of beef pickup trucks with a pressure of 6000 pounds

corrugated base paper is made by combining fiber with wax or thermosetting plastic resin to improve its moisture resistance and compressive strength

the base weight of high-performance cow pickup is g, and its strength can be increased by about% compared with the traditional cow pickup with the same base weight. Taking the high-performance cow pickup with a base weight of 13055 g as an example, under the condition of 74.6 kg rupture strength, it is equivalent to the traditional cow pickup with a base weight of 15666 G

the ring pressure of high-performance cow pickup truck is about pounds. Due to the wide range of ring compression strength, users can choose according to different uses. If the products in the box have self-supporting function, the amount of fiber can be appropriately reduced

a kind of washing powder packaging box, the traditional structure is 260 grams of face paper/100 grams of corrugated core paper/260 grams of lining paper, and the rupture strength test is 103 kg. Now we use a new high-performance corrugated box, the structure is 207 grams of face paper/100 grams of corrugated core paper/207 grams of lining paper, which saves 20% of fiber raw materials, and the performance can fully meet the needs of high stacking compressive strength

based on this calculation, just close the oil delivery valve. If the base weight of the washing powder packaging box is 13055g and the breaking strength is 74.6kg, the surface paper and lining paper are too weak; The base weight of 260 grams, rupture strength of 102.575 kilograms of tissue paper and lining paper is too strong. Therefore, it is most suitable to use 20.70 kg base weight of face paper and lining paper in terms of cost and function

a total of six research projects of the new generation of high-performance and industrial solvents have won this honor. Corrugated boxes are widely used in the packaging of fresh products such as meat and poultry, plastic resins, chemicals, large semi bulk particles and powder products, and a large number of 2.5 gallon mineral water plastic bottles

high performance corrugated boxes can also be used for fresh fruit packaging. The United States uses it to pack peaches. This kind of corrugated box uses a cow pickup truck with three layers of fibers crossed in a cross shape, and its corrugated core paper has moisture-proof performance. In order to ventilate and keep cool, the carton is also die-cut with large ventilation holes, and can withstand 970 kg of stacking pressure

the size of corrugated board will affect the strength of corrugated board. Type a corrugated board and type C corrugated board are suitable for fruit packaging because of their high compressive strength and stiffness, as well as good cushioning force. Double corrugated boxes are widely used for export packaging of one page shaped fruits

high performance corrugated boxes are also used for pharmaceutical packaging. Most temperature sensitive drug manufacturers prefer to choose appropriate storage and transportation methods to reduce the continuous exposure time of drugs to high or low temperature, rather than use their brains to design packages to protect drugs from extreme temperature differences. This is simpler and better

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