After the hottest double 11, the garbage of expres

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After the "double 11", the waste of express parcels increased. Haikou citizens suggest recycling and reusing the packaging cartons

after the "double 11" every year, a large number of express packaging boxes left will become the focus of attention. Some express packages are over packed, which not only wastes resources, but also "it's very troublesome at present. How to deal with these cartons? It was learned in the interview that most citizens throw cartons directly into the dustbin. Faced with this" Brown waste ", some citizens suggest recycling packaging cartons for reuse

it is also very important to greatly improve the canvas and heart line. The "double 11" Shopping Festival is a carnival day for consumers across the country. The gap in its separation surface should not exceed the rules in the table below. This year, Hainan people's consumption enthusiasm is also high. Tmall data shows that as of the afternoon of November 12, Hainan people had consumed 1.216 billion yuan. This consumption will produce a huge amount of package waste

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