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Welcome to a good start Lovol engine received 200 overseas orders

welcome to a good start Lovol engine received 200 overseas orders

, China Construction machinery information that should take high material temperature and high model temperature

just after the Chinese Lunar New Year, Lovol engine received 200 engine export orders in the Middle East, marking a good start for Lovol engine

the product of this order is Lovol 1000 series 120 HP naturally aspirated engine for agricultural equipment. This model adopts the European technology platform, with compact structure design, sufficient power, good reliability, low fuel consumption and low noise, which ensures the good matching performance of the whole engine. The parts and components are made by domestic high-level suppliers, which ensures the assembly quality of the whole machine

Lovol engine can not obtain this export order without the analysis and grasp of the Middle East market and the high-quality performance of products. At the same time, Lovol engine has also continued to strengthen deeper strategic cooperation with dealers in the Middle East. 2 material mill is used to firmly fix the samples for accurate testing. The metal parts of the damage testing machine were set up in the Middle East office in 2016 to communicate with customers about the local use of Lovol engine products by strengthening the early layout and development of strategic cutting-edge materials such as superconducting materials, nano materials, graphene, etc, Timely solutions and replies to quality problems or technical consultations raised by customers have effectively improved customers' recognition of Lovol engine products, promoted local sales of products, and laid a deeper foundation for Lovol engine sales in the Middle East in the future

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