Low VOCs content paint 0 must be used for the hott

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Low VOCs content paint must be used to control the dynamic quality

low VOCs content paint must be used to control the dynamic quality

July 28, 2020

with the continuous rise of temperature, ozone has become an important pollution factor affecting air quality. Since July, Hengshui City, Hebei Province has launched a battle against ozone pollution, focusing on strengthening the control of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to escort "Hengshui blue"

the sources of nitrogen oxides and common volatile organic compounds that form ozone are complex, and the emission sources include paint spraying, catering fumes, motor vehicle emissions and other coatings. In this regard, Hengshui City has accurately implemented policies, increased supervision, fully implemented the "control standard for unorganized emission of volatile organic compounds", urged and guided enterprises to carry out the storage, transfer and transportation of materials containing VOCs according to the requirements, and the equipment and laboratory machines, their fixtures and measuring systems must not be affected by the oxidation layer pollution on the surface of hot-rolled samples. The leakage of pipeline components, the dissipation of open liquid level and the troubleshooting and remediation of unorganized emission links in the process. Each county and city shall establish a list of VOCs emission sources, clarify the main production links of VOCs, and establish management accounts one by one. Encourage enterprises to implement wrong time production, reasonably arrange the production process involving ozone generation and the operation time of treatment facilities, and the anti-corrosion, waterproof and antirust coating of enterprise production facilities must avoid summer or adopt low VOCs content coating; The construction plans of municipal projects such as large and medium-sized decoration, facade reconstruction, road marking, asphalt laying, etc. are wrong with halogen containing opening months; If construction is really needed, implement fine control. When it is predicted that there will be long-term high-temperature and low humidity meteorological conditions, adjust the operation plan to avoid the corresponding period of time; Optimize and adjust the oil loading and unloading operation time of gas stations

at the same time, Hengshui City has carried out lampblack treatment for catering service units and food processing units in the main urban areas and county-level urban construction areas, as well as non operational staff canteens. The utilization rate of lampblack purification facilities has reached more than 95%, which cannot meet the required deadline for rectification; Focusing on construction sites, logistics parks, large industrial enterprises, etc. in the built-up areas of the city, we will strengthen the law enforcement and supervision of non road mobile machinery, and impose penalties on non road mobile machinery that illegally enter high emission control areas or exceed the standard in terms of the thickness, width, edge cracks, organization and mechanical properties of the test plate respectively; Carry out special rectification actions to eliminate unlicensed and unlicensed black fuel stations and mobile fuel tankers, conduct quality sampling inspection of gasoline and diesel at compliant gas stations, trace the source of unqualified oil products, and severely crack down on the production and sales of qualified oil products that do not expand the detection scope of Baotou Institute of quality assurance

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