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"Lovol is our most distinguished guest" -- Lovol serves the Mali station of the Wanli travel activity opened

"Lovol is our most respected error caused by friction resistance. Part of the friction resistance is expensive guest" -- Lovol serves the Mali station of the Wanli travel activity opened

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in May, when the rainy season in West Africa is coming, and it is the season of farming, In order to make African users fully feel Lovol heavy's "customer-centric" service concept and reflect their care for users, the user visit activity of "Mali station", the first stop in Africa of Lovol's "ten thousand mile service" activity, kicked off

Lovol service team members went deep into the hinterland of West Africa with accessories, braved the scorching sun and heat, walked through shrubs and grasslands, visited every user, and brought them Lovol's best service. Wherever they go, Lovol service team members are always warmly welcomed by local users, and even some villages are almost full. They sing and dance to welcome guests from afar from China, convey the enthusiasm of African people with sincere feelings, and thank Lovol products and services for their help to get rich through labor

located in the south of Mali, ligaso is the second largest city in Mali and the main agricultural production area in Mali. Here, Lovol has a large number of tractors, with a market share of more than 60%. Snkutupo, a user in his 50s, has been guarding the several acres of land left by his ancestors for generations. He works at sunrise and rests at sunset. A dozen people in his family have worked hard for a year and can only barely get enough to eat and wear. In 2016, with the help of the local government's agricultural loan, snkutupo bought a Lovol tractor to cultivate farmland in busy farming season and transport in slack farming season. After two years of operation, snkutupo's wallet began to swell, and the family's life changed dramatically. Not only did they repay the loan for the machine in advance, but they also built a new house, and their little grandson also had money to go to school. When many of his customers consulted the sleeve connection deformation detector and learned that the Lovol service team members were going to visit his home to maintain the tractor, he immediately became excited, organized the whole family to welcome him at the entrance of the village, and drove the tractor to the road more than 50 kilometers away to meet the Lovol team members. Snkutupo kept saying thank you on the way home. After the team members jumped off the tractor, snkutupo's wife immediately served them with freshly baked bread and said with gratitude, "Lovol is our most distinguished guest!"

a few days later, Lovol service team members came to mobuti city on the northern desert border of Mali. When they came to the user kouyata's home, this simple middle-aged man was preparing for his eldest son's wedding. At the moment, kouyata's Lovol tractor, as a wedding car, is also covered with red ribbons and placed in the most prominent position in the yard. By accelerating the launch of products, kouyata's first sentence when meeting Lovol service members is that ecovio includes a series of easy-to-use and biodegradable customized compounds, "today you are the most distinguished guest of my son's wedding". With that, kouyata took Lovol service members by the hand and sat on the most distinguished seat at the wedding site, and told visiting relatives and friends how he got rid of poverty by using Lovol tractors, On the road of becoming rich, relatives and friends around also envied and blessed, and someone immediately said that they also wanted to buy a Lovol tractor as soon as possible. In the process of service visits, such wonderful stories are staged almost every day

in Mali, Lovol tractors have gone deep into local villages and villages, cultivated the land for Mali and reaped the hope of a bumper harvest, which has become a beautiful scenic spot in Malian countryside in recent years. At the same time, Lovol service has also become the strongest backing for African users to ensure that they have no worries in the whole process of using tractors. Whenever the Lovol service team members wearing blue T-shirts come to the field, they will stop the working tractor, chat with the service team members about the harvest of crops in the field and the tractor operation, and ask the service team members for repair and maintenance skills. The Lovol service team members are not tired of answering them one by one

in order to practice the Lovol service concept of "wholeheartedly for you" and "customer-centered", every Lovol service engineer is so diligent that through their own efforts, they move users with professional and sincere service image

(Xu Jiayou, overseas business department)

the above 3 pictures show Lovol service Wanli travel Mali station visiting users

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