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During the autumn, Lovol "convenience" service line

in the golden autumn, the sky is clear and crisp, which is the golden season for the growth and maturity of crops, and the rice harvest work in the autumn across the country has also begun in succession. As a service member of Lovol, Chen Xiangfei once again embarked on the journey of service in Sanqiu. This year, he started his service life in Sanqiu in 2020 from Harbin

at 4 a.m. on a recent day, Chen Xiangfei, who was sleeping soundly, suddenly received the service station. A user of Zhashu No. 7 team in Tonghe County reported that the machine had a large vibration of the roller belt, and the user was very anxious and in urgent need of repair. For farmers and machine operators, time is efficiency, and time is money. After receiving the information, he hurried to get up and didn't bother to wash. After picking up the necessary items, he hurried to Tonghe county with his colleagues

rushed to the user's Master Li's home. Just after dawn, the user waited anxiously in the hospital, "I just bought this machine this year. I was busy from the morning to the evening yesterday, and I didn't have time to repair it. I didn't take advantage of this morning's inspection before going to the field to harvest. I didn't expect you to come so soon. The PC control system seems too bloated. For a while, there are several tools that can't collide with the mixer waiting for my machine to work..."

"Master Li, don't worry. I'll take a look at it right away to ensure that the success rate of glass ionomer Group filling is 88.7%, which will delay your landing today!"

after that, Chen Xiangfei immediately got into the car to check the machine. After checking, he found that there was no obvious problem with all the key assembly parts. Where was the problem? He thought there must be some details he didn't think of, so he checked the machine again. At this time, he found that there were still residual straw and grain in the drum. Chen Xiangfei grabbed it and looked at it. The moisture content was too high. After asking the user, he learned that it had been raining in the call county a few days ago. He felt that he should have found the root cause of the problem. The rain caused high humidity in the rice. The original machine state did not match the rice with high humidity, so he increased the screen surface and appropriately adjusted the roller belt spring. After several times of debugging, the problem was finally solved

"Master Li, the problem is solved, you can try!"

after the test run, the user was very satisfied with the debugging effect. After getting off the car, he held my greasy hand tightly and said, "thank you so much! You helped me solve the problem so quickly, and today I can go down again!"

"to tell you the truth, the reason why I choose your Lovol products is for your brand. The machine not only works fast, but also has fast service response, which makes it more firm that I choose Lovol products correctly. If I change products next year, I will also choose Lovol." Master Li added

the user's recognition of the product, that is, the recognition of Lovol. Master Li's words made me very happy and proud as a Lovol person. In order to let Master Li have a more detailed understanding of the product, I also gave simple training to users on how to debug the machine under different humidity and how to maintain it daily

the mission of our service team members is to help users solve problems, think about what users want, be anxious about what users are anxious about, and go all out to achieve user satisfaction. The increase in the demand for carbon fiber consumption of Boeing b777x and the next generation aircraft body is only to ensure that the grain is returned to the warehouse on time. Users' satisfaction with us and recognition of Lovol products are the greatest value of our service

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