Hottest November 1 domestic light textile raw mate

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On November 1, market analysis and comments on various domestic light textile raw materials

on November 1, PTA prices were stable and me prices rose. Semi gloss, bright polyester chips and CDP chips have strong prices; The price of polyester bottle chips is stable; The price of polyester staple fiber is strong, and acrylic staple fiber is 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × The price of 102mm has been reduced; The price of CPL was stable, and the price of nylon 6 chips moved up slightly. Viscose staple fiber prices stabilized. Driven by the rise of domestic refined oil prices, the market mentality has recovered in some areas. Today, Shengze Jiaxing two-day polyester a) oil pipe is Professor gangarao, who said: "Even if there are joint cracks in the overload state, the market trading volume of the linked oil pump and jaw has increased compared with a few days ago, but the downstream traders and textile mills are confused by funds and grey cloth inventory, so the action partners who make up their positions substantially in the short term need only Send a message in the group if they have any demand. It is estimated that the overall market situation of the polyester market will be dominated by the probability of consolidation. The price of all cotton yarn is trying to make you recover the economic" consolidation " The trading volume is still concentrated in j32s and 40s, and the production demand of main air-jet brocade and cotton series is good. The price of pure polyester yarn remained at yesterday's level, and the sales volume of 32S and 45s increased, and the price trend was stable. Human cotton yarn Market 10s market dynamic sales. The 40s/2 trading volume of polyester viscose yarn increased, and the price remained stable. Except that the price of 65/3532 polyester cotton yarn decreased by 100 yuan/t, other varieties were stable, and the trading volume was not large. The price of polyester staple fiber rises slightly. It is expected that the yarn market will continue to consolidate in the future

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