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Entering the factory, 100 little Lovol people start Lovol intelligent manufacturing experience journey

entering the factory, 100 little Lovol people start Lovol intelligent manufacturing experience journey

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recently, Lovol construction machinery factory welcomed a group of special guests. Hundreds of children from Lovol construction machinery employees entered the factory for the first time, and felt and experienced Lovol intelligent manufacturing at a close distance, It has inspired the industrial dream of little Lovol people

after entering the open Lovol construction machinery plant area, tall and tidy plants were spread along the road, and rows of brand-new excavators and loaders "held their heads high", as if they were in a neat array. With questions, hundreds of little Lovol people followed in the footsteps of volunteers and began the journey of factory experience

under the guidance of the staff, 100 young Lovol people learned about the history and major events of Lovol construction machinery, which made everyone have a deeper understanding of Lovol construction machinery. Then everyone went into the general assembly workshop of excavators and loaders for a visit. The neat and orderly production line opened the children's eyes. The staff introduced and explained in detail the equipment and production standards of each link. Walking through the modern assembly lines, the people of little Lovol witnessed and understood the whole production process of excavators and loaders, expanded their horizons, and constantly lamented the exquisite technology of Lovol engineering machinery along the way, and were deeply impressed by the meticulous spirit of the workers' masters to speed up the construction of a national circular economy demonstration zone. The visiting children flashed curious eyes and said excitedly, "it was not easy for so many staff to work together on a loader from research and development to the offline of the whole machine. Through visiting the factory, I finally learned how Lovol excavator and loader were successfully assembled on the modern production line."

in the prototype area, the handsome excavators and powerful loaders excited the children. They all sat in the cab of Lovol excavators to feel, and competed to take a group photo with their favorite "big guy". "The bucket of the loader is so big that it can hold several me. It's amazing. It looks like a transformer!" Everyone, you can't hide your excitement with one word

tianzhenhang, a child sitting on the excavator, said excitedly, "I have a special feeling for Lovol excavators, and I feel very cordial when I see them on the road. This factory experience day activity makes me very educated and encouraged, and I feel full of harvest. When I grow up, I also want to build the best excavator that can be produced and sold without doing experiments for a long time."

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