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Rubber daily review on November 11: pay attention to the 20000 technical pressure, the volume of Shanghai Rubber soared

on November 11, Shanghai natural rubber futures rose strongly across the board, 1003 contract rose to the main contract, fluctuated higher after the high opening, and the afternoon futures price further rose, increasing positions and volume. The 1003 contract opened at 19550 yuan/ton and closed at 19940 yuan/ton, up 335 yuan/ton from the settlement price on November 10. The trading volume was 483832 hands and the position was 163834 hands

on the disk, Shanghai Jiaotong opened slightly lower in the morning due to the decline of crude oil in the overnight external market, and then consolidated with shocks. The late market rose sharply. The contract in March increased positions and volume significantly, and is expected to continue to rise in the future. However, from the perspective of technical graphics, the pressure near the high point in the early stage is still obvious. In the short term, we should pay attention to whether the 20000 level can be effectively broken

in terms of crude oil, the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) crude oil futures closed narrowly around $79/barrel during the Asian electronic trading session on the 11th, and fell overnight due to the weakening threat of tropical storms to the Gulf of Mexico and the strengthening of the US dollar. Analysts pointed out that "API report may slightly short crude oil futures." At 14:50 Beijing time, the gate of NYMEX in December will harden prematurely. Crude oil futures fell 33 cents to $78.72/barrel

the latest data released by the China Association of automobile manufacturers shows that from January to October, the production and sales of domestic cars were 10.8732 million and 10.8914 million, with a year-on-year increase of 36.23% and 37.1% respectively. The speed was reduced and the output torque was increased by 71%. Among them, passenger car production and marketing 812 adopts microcomputer to realize electronic measurement and automatically complete the compressive strength test 860000 vehicles and 8.1903 million vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of 42.41% and 45.18%. Among them, in October, the production and sales of domestic cars were 1258000 and 1226300 respectively, which fell month on month, but still belonged to the second highest point of the year. As of October, the production and sales of domestic cars have exceeded one million for eight consecutive months

according to the preliminary data released by the General Administration of Customs on November 11, China imported 1.41 million tons of natural rubber (including latex) from January to October 2009, down 2.8% from 1.45 million tons in the same period in 2008. The import volume of natural rubber in October was 100000 tons, down 37.5% month on month. The data also showed that from January to October, China imported 1228179 tons of synthetic rubber (including latex), an increase of 12.3% over 1093796 tons in the same period of 2008, and the growth rate further expanded. Among them, the import volume in October fell by 30.8% month on month to 109013 tons

in terms of spot goods, the quotation of the reclamation area rises slowly. The unit price of Hainan agricultural reclamation is 8500 yuan/ton after resetting the instrument, and the listing price in Yunnan market is 18339 yuan/ton. The domestic production areas are about to stop cutting. Recently, the listing quantity in the market has shrunk. At present, most buyers are speculators, and the actual demand side is not willing to take goods. In the international market, the south of Thailand is still plagued by rain, and the price of raw materials is rising. The recent sales of Malaysian factories are good, the short-term supply is tight, and the shipping schedule is delayed. The market quotation has been raised as a whole, the foreign buyers' incoming goods are still good, and the domestic downstream factories have limited orders. The CIF port quotation RSS3 is quoted in US dollars/ton, and sir20 is quoted in US dollars/ton; The market quotation in the bonded area increased slightly as a whole, and Indonesian Rubber increased slightly due to the shortage of supply. RSS3 was reported as USD/ton, and sir20 was reported as USD/ton. The market negotiation atmosphere was improved compared with the previous day

on the whole, at present, China's domestic rubber inventory continues to increase, more than 120000 tons. Inventory digestion is still in demand, which has become a factor to suppress Shanghai rubber. However, China's automobile production and sales continued to be strong in October, and the increase in demand for rubber is expected to continue. However, affected by natural disasters and other factors, the global rubber production is bound to decline in 2009, so the Shanghai Rubber future market is expected to continue its rise

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