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Ma Fangcheng, vice chairman of the all China Federation of trade unions, investigated Lobo group. Ma Fangcheng, vice chairman of the machinery, metallurgy and building materials trade union of the all China Federation of trade unions, accompanied by qiaojianmin, chairman of Henan Machinery, metallurgy and building materials trade union, wangyanmin, vice chairman of Luoyang Federation of trade unions and other leaders, came to Lobo for investigation

in the conference room on the second floor of the company, dingjianluo, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the labor union of Lobo group, reported to Ma Fangcheng the impact of the financial crisis on Lobo's production and operation and the measures taken. Under the influence of the financial crisis, Lobo's economic benefits declined and its production and operation encountered unprecedented difficulties. In order to cope with the difficulties, Lobo accelerated the firm and smooth adjustment of product structure, increased the output of high value-added products, and actively adapted to market changes. At the same time, we will intensify the reform and restructuring, restructure the subsidiaries where conditions permit, and implement the reform of diversified property rights with private ownership and state-owned participation, so as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to meet the use functions of products

after listening to the report, Ma Fangcheng pointed out that the financial crisis had a relatively great impact on enterprises, resulting in a decline in the economic benefits of high-quality enterprises and an even worse situation for difficult enterprises. Lobo has made great contributions to the birth, development and expansion of China's float glass process, and is the leader of China's glass industry. We should try our best to use our channels, actively report to our superiors, help Lobo solve difficulties, tide over difficulties as soon as possible, and help Lobo and other enterprises to solve current problems to the greatest extent

Ma Fangcheng stressed that at present, it is necessary to carry out situation and task education among the vast number of employees, actively do a good job in guiding them, so that the vast number of employees can understand the reasons for the difficulties caused by the international financial crisis to the production and operation of the enterprise, and make the vast number of employees and the enterprise work together to tide over the difficulties. In carrying out education activities on the situation and tasks, trade union organizations at all levels should go deep into the staff, truly and timely grasp the ideological trends of the staff, solve problems in a timely manner, and ensure the stability of the staff

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