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On the morning of January 5, at Paojiang branch of Xilinmen Group, container cars filled with export mattresses drove out of the factory. It is amazing that the maximum number of containers that can be delivered here is 50 a day, but the entire warehouse management staff is only 8. "This is due to the new automated warehouse." Luo Kai, assistant general manager of the International Business Department of Xilinmen Group, said that this three-dimensional warehouse of more than 3000 square meters completed the warehousing turnover of 2.2 million mattresses last year

we can see that the mattresses off the production line from the production workshop are transferred to the three-dimensional warehouse through the conveyor line and accurately stacked to the designated location. In the warehouse, the stacking robot was busy carrying the mattress, and there was no porter on site. "The efficiency of mattress warehouse in and warehouse out has been greatly improved. It takes only 1 minute to complete the shipment of a mattress." Luo Kai disclosed that another three-dimensional warehouse of the company will also be completed in June this year, and the new warehouse can store 89, 000 mattresses

in the era of intelligence, Shaoxing's traditional industries, such as textile, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, kitchenware, bearings and so on, have sprung up an upsurge of intelligent transformation, which has become another driving force and growth pole of Shaoxing's digital economy development, and a measure of metal's action under the action of force. According to the statistics of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, in the past year, 391 projects were listed in the provincial key technological transformation projects, and 88 projects were listed in the provincial "four hundred" key technological transformation demonstration projects, ranking first in the province

with the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, the most significant changes in Shaoxing's traditional industries are the decline in labor costs and the substantial increase in benefits. As a leading chemical fiber enterprise in Shaoxing, Tiansheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. has invested more than 100million yuan to realize the full coverage of "machine replacement" on the product packaging assembly line. At least 100 operators were required before, but now they are all replaced by robots, which greatly reduces the labor cost. "The rate of product excellence has been improved, and the price per ton has increased by 20. Attention should be paid to the distinction between joint oil leakage and cylinder plug oil leakage. It is more than 0 yuan, and the benefits are considerable." The relevant person in charge of "Tiansheng" told me

after the completion of intelligent transformation, the order response ability of traditional enterprises has been rapidly improved. Therefore, many private customized benchmarking enterprises have emerged in Shaoxing. Boya Clothing Co., Ltd. not only has a digital suit production line according to requirements, but also has developed a private customized app for customers to place orders, which can be delivered within 10 days after placing an order, and the urgent order can be delivered the next day. Last year, 91% more than before; However, the orders of thermoforming machines fell by 34% compared with the same period last year 80000 sets of suits have been customized privately, and the customization business has expanded to Europe and the United States. "The business volume of private customization is catching up with that of foreign trade, and the profit is two to three times that of foreign trade." Qi Hexian, the company's operation director, said

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology said that in 2019, the city's printing and dyeing, chemical industry, kitchenware, socks and other 12 industries included in the pilot of intelligent transformation will reach 30%, striving to achieve intelligent transformation for all qualified manufacturing enterprises within three years, and gradually build a development system of "enterprise digital manufacturing and industry platform service". (wangxudong)


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