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The original communication platform maaiiconnect opens a new generation of customer service experience

M800, the world's leading communication solution provider, announced today that it officially launched the trial promotion of its multimedia heterogeneous and integrated data platform maaiiconnect. This pioneering communication product can provide first-class voice call and dynamic chat information transmission solutions by integrating Telecom and digital communication channels through only one interface. It is an unprecedented new change for B2C and B2B communication

with the support of M800 global distributed network and proprietary infrastructure, maaiiconnect has innovated the communication mode between company users and their valued customers by providing telecom operator level digital communication. This solution overcomes the traditional business challenges, including simplifying the platform integrating multiple communication capabilities through one device, realizing stable call and chat connections, and uniformly displaying customer brand identity and providing personalized services on all communication channels. The service is free, and company users can also unlock more advanced functions by upgrading to the payment plan

cross device, cross protocol and cross service communication

maaiiconnect has built a bridge between data communication, telecommunications and interconnection. The unparalleled converged solution enables the company to easily manage multiple multimedia channels, such as PSTN, VoIP, station and social media communication, on one platform, and better serve customers with a concentration of nearly 70% through secure, reliable and unified communication and interaction. At the same time, it has the ability to integrate international free and local virtual numbers, international direct dialing (IDD), interactive voice response (IVR) and digital solutions, which can reduce operating costs and make the workflow more smooth

through the adoption of new telecommunications and data technologies, M800 is committed to helping companies around the world cope with severe communication challenges:

telecom operator quality: the core commitment of maaiiconnect is M800's internal infrastructure and cloud based solutions, supported by a globally distributed network. It has access points (POPs) in more than 28 regions around the world, connections between more than 160 global first-class telecom operators and mobile communication operators, and 99.95% service level commitment agreements (SLAs), ensuring excellent call quality and fast chat information transmission response

Compared with injection mold components,

industry leading high security: through data encryption, European general data protection specification (gdpr), third-party payment industry data security standard (PCI) and industry regulation to solve network risks, and provide secure storage and management of data in the hybrid cloud, this creates an impeccable security standard for M800

end to end solution: maaiiconnect integrates front-end data from multiple devices and channels with back-end or customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Provide valuable information for enterprise users and better meet customer needs

perfect data conversion system

voice and video, intelligent messaging and identity recognition are the cornerstone of maaiiconnect. This method aims to help enterprises fully realize the digitalization of communication ecosystem. Onedashboard integrates these three modules to provide enterprises with real-time data and service management solutions

the innovative communication platform maaiiconnect fully integrates telecommunications and data communication capabilities. Through one interface, you can apply, collect and manage the communication experience of clear voice + video, intelligent information and identity recognition from different intelligent devices, channels and communication services, For B2C and B2B, bengiyat said: "This Neo additive can now be used in a variety of flexible and rigid containers for an innovative customer communication experience.

voice + Video: a complete set of call solutions, including offline calls, video calls and recording functions. Advanced call center solutions include network links and QR code calls, book management and virtual numbers. Virtual office solutions include screen sharing and call function management, such as call forwarding, Voice mail, call blocking, etc

smart message: the central inbox of all SMS services, including receiving SMS, maaiiconnect instant messages and omnichannels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, (wechat), telegram and line. Additional features include file sharing and synchronous chat

identity recognition: an intelligent customer management solution, including intelligent routing and dynamic book. Call and chat queries can be routed to the appropriate agent or customer service center according to the caller's location, language, time zone and behavior

onedashboard: an interface for managing internal and external communications, including call recording, waiting, book and agent management, and real-time analysis of communication logs to improve efficiency

maaiiconnect marks that enterprise users can have crystal sound quality, telecom operator level voice, video and data connections for the first time, fully benefiting customers and enterprise insiders

m800 founder Mr. chenguangcai said: maaiiconnect is the embodiment of our incredible team collaboration. Our expert team has more than 35 years of rich experience and knowledge in the telecommunications, mobile Internet, software traffic reduction development and network security industries. They are united by their enthusiasm for the transformation of the communication era

with global partners and the trust of more than 600 enterprise customers, M800 can open up a new chapter in the global communication field. In the next few years, we will continue to create leading customer participation capabilities for more enterprises. Mr. chenguangcai continued

register for trial

the company can now register and try the maaiiconnect sponsorship plan for free, enjoying more than 2500 minutes of network per month, 15 employee seats, basic functions and 24-hour customer service support. Enterprises can also upgrade to business plans at any time through onedashboard to increase the number of unlimited calls, more than 16 employee seats and advanced business functions

for more information about M800 and maaiiconnect, please visit

about m800

m800 has more than 35 years of industry experience and is a pioneer in the global telecommunications, mobile Internet and it convergence industries. The company was founded by a group of telecommunications experts to revolutionize global communications. With private infrastructure and network support, M800 is dedicated to helping companies around the world solve thorny communication challenges

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