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With accumulated experience, Luoyang north glass presented a gift to Zhengzhou, the 64 year old provincial capital. 2018 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In the 64th year of becoming the capital of Henan Province, the ancient city of Zhengzhou with a long history has won an unprecedented construction wave. Among them, the most representative is the "four centers" (Olympic Sports Center, cultural and Art Center, civic activity center and modern media center), the core of the "central cultural area (CCD)" in the west of Zhengzhou. In order to create a new name card of Zhengzhou as a national central city, the CCD project plans to invest 30billion yuan. Zhengzhou will write the history of the city with high standards

such a core project carries too many expectations, which is of great natural significance. Only in 2015, when the municipal government conducted public bidding for the architectural designers of the "four centers", experts finally voted for the winning scheme from as many as 70 bidding schemes provided by 23 well-known domestic design units participating in the bidding. The subsequent construction units and material suppliers are selected by experts in various fields. The purpose is to build the best project in Zhengzhou history. All participants must be leaders in their industry

it is under such strict screening conditions that Luoyang Glass Company, relying on the profound accumulation of North glass in the field of super large and special glass for many years, has successful experience in major landmark venue projects at home and abroad, relying on its own excellent product quality and mature service concept, and its enterprising spirit in the face of high difficulty coefficient projects, has finally won the unanimous recognition of judges and experts in the industry, Thus, the high-end glass processing project of Zhengzhou Grand Theater (the highlight of the cultural and Art Center is the superposition of nonlinear stress in structural parts under multi axial load; the fastest), Zhengzhou citizen activity center and Zhengzhou museum was signed at one fell swoop

Zhengzhou Grand Theater (under construction):

magnificent! "The Yellow River sail shadow, the boat of art"

Zhengzhou grand theater looks like an ancient ship that conveys civilization. Sailing on the Yellow River, it sails through the sky and the earth and breaks the waves. Its magnificent momentum is naturally set off by large pieces of glass with high difficulty coefficient. After receiving the drawings, Luoyang Glass Company attached great importance to them. Houhuichuan, general manager of the company, specially arranged to select several technical backbones, production elites and relevant business managers to form a key group of Zhengzhou Grand Theater. Product drawing review, technical communication, raw material procurement, precise production scheduling, packaging and delivery, etc. all links have the attitude of focusing on the big picture and starting from the small. 360 ° no dead angle has made sufficient preparations for creating high-quality supporting glass. With strength, attitude and confidence, BGI will surely add luster to the Zhengzhou Grand Theater project

it seems that there is a magical coincidence in history. More than ten years ago, Andrew, a French design master, was impressed by the flat and spotless tempering technology of Beijing glass and was willing to modify the design of the National Grand Theatre, which contributed to the joint efforts between Beijing glass and the National Grand Theatre. More than ten years later, Zhengzhou Grand Theater rose up in Guangbao of the Central Plains. However, it was still supported by North glass with high quality. Is it a coincidence? As a member of Beibo, we deeply understand that this is the company's persistent pursuit of product innovation over the years to avoid the axial movement of ball bearings and pendulum shafts, and the quality upgrading. It is the crystallization of the sweat and wisdom of many Beibo people behind it. It turns out that there are not so many coincidences in the world. Only hard power can exchange for good luck in the eyes of others

citizen Activity Center (under construction):

beautiful! "Dragon dance in the earth, Minle Tianjie"

Zhengzhou citizen activity center consists of science and Technology Museum, acrobatics Museum, group art museum, women and children center, youth development center and health center, with a total construction area of 213500 m2. The rich space combination and organic interface composition have created a "people's paradise" and a "vitality show" with a strong sense of regionalism and the times. It will become a warm home for the general public to carry out fitness and leisure and enjoy cultural meals. There is a kind of beauty, which is the most grounded beauty and a kind of great beauty, that is, the casual smile on the faces of the people when they are swimming in the ocean of culture

for us, the difficulty of the glass in the civic center mainly lies in its complex appearance. Triangle, trapezoid and other shaped glasses account for nearly half of the glass orders of the whole project. Some ultra small triangle and large angle glasses challenge our finished product control level. The project glass adopts warm edge strips, which also puts forward high requirements for small angle bending. In the face of a large number of special-shaped glass, it took several weeks for the cutting staff to draw. In the process of processing, the supply arrangement shall be adjusted according to the actual situation on site to ensure that there is more supply without disorder, which is really tiring. However, we are tired to think that cultural gluttony can bring people the peace and enjoyment from the heart

Zhengzhou Museum (under construction):

Huazai! As the largest museum under construction in China, "the crown of the Yellow Emperor in the middle of China"

Zhengzhou Museum takes the tensile test results of the "crown" as the welding point symbolizing cultural etiquette as the design prototype. After completion, it will further carry forward the Yellow Emperor culture in the Central Plains together with the hometown of the Yellow Emperor in Xinzheng and the Yan Huang statue in the northwest of Zhengzhou, and show the long-standing civilization and bright history of the Central Plains. Despite its rich connotation, Zhengzhou museum can be called colorful and beautiful from the architectural level alone. The total steel consumption of the project is 12000 tons, ranking first among museum buildings in China. At the same time, the number of steel plate shear wall composite structure core tube (new super high-rise structure system with multiple anti-seismic lines) used in domestic museum projects is the highest. The anti-seismic strength of the project reaches grade I and its service life exceeds 100 years. To build such a high standard venue, the owner and the construction party once again focused on the venue expert in the glass industry - Luoyang north glass. Beijing Daxing International Airport, bird's nest, water cube, National Grand Theater, Shanghai WorldExpo Too many venues have the presence of Beijing glass. We have faced difficulties under pressure for countless times, and we have been able to hand in perfect answers every time. Our past experience has given us enough confidence to put a perfect glass coat on Zhengzhou Museum

South and northeast renderings of Zhengzhou Museum

count the past, in fact, there are many indelible impressions of Luoyang north glass to Zhengzhou. Henan Art Center, Zhengzhou people's Liberation Army Information Engineering University, Zhenghong lanbao Bay, and the high-end commercial Zhenghong International Plaza just opened in 2018 are magnificent

a corner of Zhenghong square

after 64 years of accumulation, Zhengzhou has so many construction enterprises that care about their hometown for joint support, and the future leap can be expected. The tree is a thousand feet high and leaves fall to its roots. North Glass originated in Henan and has been working hard all over the world for 23 years. If there is a need in my hometown, it is certainly incumbent on Beibo to have the strength. Is this not another kind of accumulation? The future is bright

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