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[Yihe doors and windows] under the rendering of the Internet, various new concepts and new marketing layers are different, and penetrate into all walks of life. Many shower room franchise enterprises are also troubled by traditional or emerging development models. Then, in today's Internet boom, how should the shower room franchise enterprises achieve double-line development, and how to choose the old and new traditional marketing methods

don't choose blindly

in the new year, looking back on the impact of the Internet on the shower room industry since its emergence, it can be said to be very huge. From the "double 11" of e-commerce last year, its total transactions reached 100 billion, which is undoubtedly a major event in the field of e-commerce, which also makes the shower room franchise enterprises see the powerful power of e-commerce marketing. However, it is not to say that entering e-commerce can benefit. Shower room franchise enterprises must also choose carefully to see the disadvantages and advantages

double line development

from the beginning of the birth of Internet e-commerce, it has competed with traditional marketing to the present. The emergence of emerging marketing makes traditional marketing seem to be facing great enemies. In the new year, the competition between the old and new thinking is also a key year. For the shower room franchise enterprises, no matter who wins or loses, it is not important. As long as it can bring benefits to the shower room franchise enterprises themselves, it is good marketing. Therefore, in terms of new and old marketing, each has its own value. The joining enterprises of shower rooms may promote the integration between them, complement each other, and form a double track development

although the emergence of the Internet is unstoppable, if the shower room franchise enterprises reject it and do not try to make progress, they will only end up being eliminated in the end. Shower room franchise enterprises, whether combined with e-commerce marketing or maintaining the traditional mode, must find a suitable development path for themselves in order to get a good development in the raging competitive market

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