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Wall sound-absorbing perforated gypsum board is sold at a low price: 1200*3000 or 1200*2440 gypsum board is a material made of building gypsum as the main raw material

what are the characteristics of sound-absorbing perforated gypsum board gypsum board ceiling?

characteristics of sound-absorbing perforated board composite glass wool:

1, fire resistance, structural seismic resistance:, it has a high fire rating of class A. due to the fine and long fiber of glass wool, the overall structural strength is high, and the tensile and vibration resistance is superior. It is not easy to sag, scatter or collapse no matter installed or used for a long time. Fully comply with the relevant national requirements

2. Thermal insulation and environmental protection: glass wool is an inorganic thermal insulation material made of colorless flat glass and quartz sand as the main raw materials. It has superior thermal insulation and is a green building material product. Construction waste can be recycled, which fully meets the requirements of environmental protection

3. Chemistry and Acoustics: the porous structure inside the glass wool and the good dimensional stability of the material make it have superior sound absorption ability, not easy to be damaged and eroded by natural and human factors such as high temperature, lightning, rain, sunshine, acid and alkali, and greatly improve the comfort of the indoor environment

4. Air permeability and hydrophobicity: porous open structure has better air permeability than other thermal insulation materials, which is conducive to the timely diffusion of moisture in the room and the wall, reduces the possibility of mold growth, and helps to prolong the service life of the building. Hydrophobic glass wool for curtain walls is a high hydrophobic glass wool product, with a hydrophobic rate of 99%

, which is easy to dry after being affected with moisture, ensuring its long-term effective thermal insulation performance, Improve the comfort of indoor environment

5. Deadweight: glass wool has good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance, so that its low-density products can meet the energy-saving requirements of the corresponding specifications. Glass wool is a lighter material among class a fire-proof and thermal insulation materials, which can not only reduce the load of the building itself, but also facilitate construction and improve construction efficiency

(L) gypsum board paper Paper faced gypsum board is a kind of light board with gypsum slurry as the core and paper as the cover on both sides Gypsum board is light in texture, high in strength, fireproof, mothproof and easy to be used Ordinary paper faced gypsum board is used for interior wall, partition wall and ceiling The water-resistant paper faced gypsum board with fireproof treatment can be used for the lining board of the room wall with high humidity, such as the bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. with ceramic tiles, metal plates, plastic brick walls (2) Decorative gypsum board Decorative gypsum board is a board with various patterns and decorations, which is made of building gypsum as the main raw material and mixed with a small amount of fiber materials, such as gypsum printing board, perforated ceiling board, gypsum relief ceiling board, paper gypsum decorative board, etc It is a new type of interior decoration material, which is suitable for medium and high-grade decoration. It is light, fireproof, moisture-proof, easy to install and so on In particular, the new resin imitation decorative waterproof gypsum board is covered with resin, and the decorative imitation pattern. Its tone pattern is true, novel and generous, the board has high strength, pollution resistance, and is easy to clean. It can be used to decorate the wall, make the dado board and skirting board. How about the gypsum board ceiling?

gypsum board is a good ceiling. Gypsum board is a material made of building gypsum as the main raw material. It is a kind of building material with light weight, high strength, thin thickness, convenience and good performance in sound insulation, heat insulation and fire prevention. It is one of the new lightweight plates that are currently being developed. Gypsum board has been widely used in internal partitions, wall cladding (instead of wall plastering), ceilings, sound-absorbing boards, ground base plates and various decorative boards of various buildings such as residences, buildings, shops, hotels and industrial plants. Gypsum board gypsum board (divided into ordinary paper gypsum board (commonly used), fiber gypsum board, gypsum decorative board "explanation") is made by taking gypsum as the main material, adding fiber, adhesive and modifier, mixing, pressing and drying. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, small shrinkage, good stability, non aging, and anti moth. It can be used to nail, saw, plane, stick and other square point gypsum board. The second generation gypsum board - Bayer point gypsum board. This product is a new product successfully developed by Bayer due to the actual needs of the project and after years of painstaking research and in line with the construction specifications





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