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After going through the decoration, I finally finished the long-awaited floor installation, but why didn't I realize the happy decoration of many TX? The overall feeling is nothing more than a word - "tired". Fortunately, I am very satisfied with the ordering and installation of the floor. At least there are no accidents at present

since LP overturned the plan of laying composite floors in the living room and bedroom, only two bedrooms can choose to lay the floor. She simply handed over the absolute right to set the floor to her, and I completely played the role of accompanying shopping

at the beginning of investigating the floor, only composite floor is locked. Speaking of composite floor, there are two main categories: one is solid wood composite floor; The other is laminate flooring. These two kinds of composite floors have their own characteristics, and their requirements in use and maintenance are also different. Solid wood composite floor has the advantages of beautiful and natural solid wood floor, comfortable foot feeling and good thermal insulation performance; It also overcomes the deficiency that the solid wood floor is easy to warp and crack due to monomer shrinkage. The reinforced composite floor has high hardness, good wear resistance, simple and convenient pavement, and low price, but the foot feel is slightly poor. Laminate flooring is mainly divided into the following categories: first, from the thickness of thin and thick (more than 8 mm and about 12 mm). In terms of environmental protection, thin ones are better than thick ones. Because it is thin, less glue is used per unit area. Thick ones are not as dense as thin ones, and their impact resistance is poor, but their feet feel a little better. In fact, the difference is not big. 2、 From the specification, there are standard, wide plate and narrow plate: standard, the width is generally 191-195mm. The length is about 1200 and 1300. Wide board, with a length of more than 1200 mm and a width of about 295 mm. The length of the narrow board is 900-1000 mm, and the width is basically about 100 mm

when selecting composite flooring, we must ensure that the main indicators are qualified

these indicators and national standards are:

1. Water absorption thickness expansion rate: water bubbles, water absorption more poor quality. This is similar to picking tiles. To be honest, it is difficult to distinguish if you are not an expert

2. Surface wear resistance: after sanding several times, you will find that the decorative pattern is polished and immediately turns white. This kind of floor is false floor. Household wear-resistant revolution is more than 6000 revolutions.. You can wipe it with sandpaper. It's easy to find the poor quality. The wear-resistant strength of composite floor mainly depends on the coating of alumina trioxide crystal (commonly known as GEM). The higher the aluminum oxide crystal content per unit area of the floor, the higher the wear resistance. This trick is still quite effective, but most businesses have prepared some sharp weapons, such as sandpaper. If you try it, you'll almost put the eighteen weapons there. In fact, a good way is to ask, "I want to install the floor first and then the door. Isn't your floor strong and not afraid of scratching, so you don't need to protect it?", If you look at the merchants' black and blue faces, you will know that the floor is afraid of sharp tools and other things

3. Formaldehyde emission: the formaldehyde emission of class a products is within 9mg/100g. B pole 9 to 40 mg/100g, which can be used when reaching grade B. The quality of glue determines the pollution of laminate flooring, and the formaldehyde content of glue with good quality is low. This is indeed crucial. After all, human life is critical, and chronic poisoning is even more terrible. So keep your eyes open

4. Density: the density of qualified products ≥ 0.9g/cm3

5. Whether the tongue and groove is straight. The integrity of the tongue and groove is directly related to the service life of the floor

based on the above points, netizens provide simple and easy identification methods:

1. Determination of formaldehyde emission: select large mouth bottles with good sealing performance, cut samples of several alternative brands of the same size, put them into different bottles, seal them for 24 hours, open the bottles, smell them one by one, and you will compare which brand has a small formaldehyde emission from the floor. If you are afraid of inaccuracy, you can smell it successively by two people and be more sure

2. Surface wear resistance: use 180 sandpaper (the thickness of the sandpaper is not a big problem), the same person, with the same strength and method, continuously rub the same place on the floor back and forth, 50 times. If there is no aluminum oxide floor, it is likely that the wood grain paper will be seriously damaged. 46 grams of wear-resistant paper floor, the surface basically will not have serious scratches; 38 grams or less of wear-resistant paper, the surface will have varying degrees of wear

3. Expansion rate of water absorption thickness: saw and cut alternative templates with similar size. After numbering, put them into boiling water for 5-8 minutes. Take them out and compare the expansion of their edges. It is best to use a micrometer to measure the thickness of the measuring point of the template and make a mark in advance. After soaking in boiling water, take it out and measure its thickness. You can calculate the relative floor water absorption thickness expansion rate after soaking in boiling water

4. Geometric dimensions of the floor: this comparative test requires a whole board to be compared. a) Put the two floors together and touch the height difference of the joint with your hand; In the model room selling floors, you can also consciously touch and compare. The difference between brands should be obvious. b) Second, look at the tightness of the splicing gap. Some floors have side bends, and the seams will not be very tight. This reflects the processing accuracy of the floor

combined with theoretical knowledge and online reputation, LP and I initially selected three brands of flooring as alternatives: Ruijia, Shengniu and Jilin Forest Industry

let's start with Ruijia, a famous brand on the Internet. Because the house is close to Hongqiao MKL, I went to inspect it twice. The first time I arrived at noon, there was no one. I guess I went to dinner. I only saw a deck of playing cards and a few newspapers on the table. I didn't have a very good impression. The second time also arrived near noon. A middle-aged (seemingly) sister was reading the newspaper, indifferent and impatient. It was estimated that we couldn't afford it. LP was furious and decided to pass

besides Shengniu, Tianjin Shengniu flooring online has a good attitude and actively answers all kinds of relevant questions. LP and I went to Hexi to pay a visit in person. Things were really good. The aunt who sold things didn't know that we made an appointment online in advance, and our attitude was very good. However, my wife said that she didn't like the style and color very much. Since I said that the absolute decision was her, I had to give up regretfully

the final choice -- Jilin Forest Industry flooring. Zhang Jie's attitude of Hongqiao MKL is also satisfactory. LP fell in love with the Mediterranean series at a glance. Although I saw the Mediterranean Series in general color, I checked it in combination with the inspection method of the floor, and the comprehensive evaluation is still very good. I simply decided to buy the 12 thick Mediterranean series

one week before laying the floor, I went to Sister Zhang and asked for the number of 1118 on November 18. However, it is required to deliver the goods a few days in advance. In order to make the floor adapt to the indoor temperature, after all, the heating has been supplied, which will not cause problems due to the large temperature difference of the shop at the time of delivery. Sister Zhang said that it is no problem, and the goods will be delivered on time on the morning of the 14th. Indeed, the delivery was very punctual, and the young man named Liu Jing was also very capable. It was he who agreed to lay the floor when he simply delivered it

installation requirements of laminate floor:

1 The ground shall be flat, dry and free of foreign matters. Generally, it is best to have a ground flatness of less than 3mm within 1 square meter

2. If the ground floor of the building or the ground is wet, the plastic film can be used to lay the bottom. When laying, the joint shall be overlapped by 20cm, and the joint shall be tightly bonded with adhesive tape to keep the plastic film intact. The wall edge extends upward by 5-6cm

3. Damp proof membrane (floor mat) shall be used first for ground laying

4. The long side direction of the floor should be consistent with the indoor light (or adjusted according to the actual situation). An 8-10mm expansion joint should be left between the floor and the wall, and the expansion joint should be covered by the kick line or buckle strip accordingly. Expansion joints shall also be reserved at the joints between the floor and furniture, bathroom, balcony, doorway, kitchen or closet, and covered with buckle strips

5. When paving the first floor, the groove surface is against the wall, and wooden wedges are placed on the side of the floor and between the end and the wall, leaving a gap of 8-10mm. In order to make the floor joint tight, the rubber hammer or wood hammer can be used to knock, but do not directly hit the tenon

6. After paving the floor, remove the wooden wedge and install the kick angle line

normal use and maintenance of laminate flooring

1. Ordinary laminate flooring should not be set up in kitchens and bathrooms

2. After the floor is paved, keep the indoor air smooth

3. Overweight items should be placed in a balanced manner. Furniture and heavy objects should not be pushed, pulled or dragged hard to avoid scratching the floor surface

4. It is forbidden to scrape or scratch the floor surface with sharp tools

5. Avoid soaking the floor in water. If there is an accident, wipe the floor with a dry mop in time and ventilate

6. Prevent the floor from being baked by cooking utensils

7. Keep the floor dry and clean. In case of dirt on the floor surface, generally wipe it dry with a damp mop without dripping water

if it is stained with chocolate, grease, fruit juice, beverages, etc., just wipe it with warm water and neutral detergent. If it is polluted by lipstick, crayon, ink, etc., it can be gently wiped with methanol, alcohol or acetone

explain the precautions in combination with the pictures:

the ground must be clean before paving. Never use a mop the day before paving the floor, otherwise the moisture will return. In addition, there can't be too much floating soil. It doesn't matter if you're not afraid of dust returning from the floor in the future. I used a putty shovel to shovel the putty and latex paint stuck on the ground a week in advance. I sucked it n times with the vacuum cleaner and N times with the mop. In fact, before installing the floor, Master Liu of Jilin Forest Industry carefully cleaned it again. He was very considerate. I don't know whether other manufacturers are also in charge of cleaning it. However, looking at the ground like a big painted face, I can't help regretting that it was better to protect it at the beginning

the floor mat specially equipped by Jilin Forest Industry is 3 thick and feels good. The brother upstairs is still drooling after seeing it. According to master Liu, some manufacturers also have thick ones, but they charge a single fee. Thick ones feel much better than thin ones, which is obvious

the certificate of Mediterranean series ordered by my family was found to be E1 level. Why not E0 level? Check the requirements set at that time. It turned out that it was E1 level at that time, which seems to be my mistake. But I still yearn for E0 level, at least I'm more down-to-earth

Master Liu drew a line to saw the floor according to the measuring rule. Without warning, he took the initiative to saw the floor in the corridor, which is worthy of praise. My house has finished painting latex paint, and the sawing floor is really dusty. Remind TX not to sawing indoors. Even if I don't paint latex paint, the feeling of dust smearing the wall is very unpleasant

floor mats in my family are also the same as what is said on the Internet. The words of Jilin Forest Industry are facing the ground. He specially asked Master Liu. He smiled and said, it doesn't matter how to pave. The effect is the same, but he is used to it. In addition, he said that it was not floor heating, and there was no need to stick adhesive tape between the mats. I said it was better to stick it, at least there was no harm. Just last time, I asked for a little adhesive tape from the company and used it

officially open the shop

nail the clips used to fix the baseboard on the wall after laying the floor

nail the clips

all the clips on the wall, and the distance should not be too large or too small. The master generally knows that when nailing the clips, he must pay attention not to nail the pipes or wires in the wall

reluctantly chose this skirting board, which is charged separately. The gift with the floor is really light and thin. This separately charged color has to be close





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