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If we want to give a definition to the stars in the entertainment industry in 2015, [marriage year] is undoubtedly very appropriate. Not to mention those who are getting married and preparing to get married, there are not many who announce their relationships, show their love and abuse their dogs frequently

this has to make Xiao Qi doubt that the entertainment industry is collectively drinking aphrodisiac? So unrestrained

originally, the biggest suspect in Xiao Qi's heart was him

the novel "superstar couple", which is currently being serialized by the online writer Jiang Chen

this group of stars can't help tasting fresh

you can see the following picture to understand the real reason

because everyone has gone to endorse the home, so don't hurry to get married and decorate immediately while this endorsement period is preferential, even free. What are you waiting for

…& hellip;& hellip;& hellip; I am the dividing line of self-discipline &hellip& hellip;& hellip;& hellip;

well, let's not talk about our previous YY about the reasons for this year's wedding year in the entertainment industry; However, according to a survey conducted by Sohu this year, the following stars have signed endorsements with brands in the home furnishing industry:

so many star endorsements cover almost all the main materials and construction in the decoration process. If you can get along, get to know more stars and get a discount, isn't it possible to complete the decoration of luxury houses with a meaningful amount of money? Don't blame Qi, my brain is wide open. It's human nature to be greedy for bargains! Well, in that case, the following list of stars you should know most before decoration is very interesting


Yao Ming

a tall man has advantages. As a spokesperson for water-based Ketian, there must be no worry about the coating. And a high paint at home, do not use ladders, there are wood! It's all natural and handmade, pollution-free and environmentally friendly


Cui Yongyuan

the earth guard found Lao Cui Daiyan, who specializes in wallpapers. Knowing Cui Yongyuan can kill two birds with one stone. He can not only use wallpapers with red flowers and willows, but also through Cui Yongyuan's famous mouth, the price should be reduced by several%


Andy Lau

Huazai ranks 17, which really wrongs him. However, this is decoration, and we should still follow the proportion of salt products in decoration ~ Huazai's Mengtian wooden door ranks 17, which is not too much


Ding Junhui

billiards prodigy Ding Junhui also made a cross-border, with salt bode tiles, which can be regarded as competing with Golden Camel tiles. Think of the little prodigy poking and poking at the tiles with a club. It's also drunk. Is this an early inspection of the hollowness of the tiles? Well, it's a good thing for us. There are many friends, many roads, many salt and many choices


Yi Jianlian

basketball star Yi Jianlian wears salt Golden Camel tiles. It can be calculated that there are already two stars in the basketball industry who have been home decoration. Apart from other things, blessed are basketball players, and ceramic tile coatings are available


Zhao Wei

where is the water heater looking for Zhao Wei? Wanhe water heater is Zhao Wei with salt. It's necessary to know Zhao Wei and save money. Zhao Wei said ‘ Dear ’, It is worth a thousand words of others


Deng Chao

the integrated stove is also a big thing at home. The Senge integrated stove is brought salt by Deng boy. I don't know whether the handsome Deng endorsing the integrated stove, which is not recognized by the appearance party, wants to transform his career. However, just because of the love between Deng Chao and his mother, if you buy this integrated stove, your daughter-in-law will definitely praise our good eyesight ~


Tian Liang

the number of bathroom is Tian Liang. The diving champion wears salt bathroom, which complements each other. Ah ~ the brand bathroom with salt, regardless of the price, just this sense of use, the champion uses HA and ha, which must be proud ~


Guo Jingjing

when it comes to cabinets, there are still many stars with salt. Choosing to know Guo Jingjing is not that Jingjing can be more famous than Jin Xishan, but that it is a matter of taking advantage of relationships. It is better to communicate in the same language. What's more, we Guo Futai are kind. As a billionaire, how much heart it takes to go shopping in plain pajamas


Fan Bingbing

Fan Ye is also a hot guest in the headlines. He brought a customized wardrobe with salt, schneiman. If you know Fan Ye, the domineering Ma Zhen of Guang Fan Ye, no, it's an aftershock, which can make the price decline. Besides, this year, Fan Ye and his beloved Li Lang can't stop showing their love and abusing their dogs. They can't even take everything out to give each other a show of love. It's really a cool season


Shu Qi

customized wardrobe is really a cloud of beautiful women, and Shu Qi beauty is not willing to be outdone with salt Sofia wardrobe. Shu Da's beauty ranks so high than Fan Ye, ‘ Shrink and fly ’ Sounds better than ‘ Make you slow ’ Should we hurry up


Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun is indispensable for the custom wardrobe of beautiful women, and she is also an early group of stars endorsing home brands. In addition, Shangpin home accessories is also well-known in the custom wardrobe. Mr. Zhou ranked first in the customized wardrobe, probably because the brand name took advantage of it& lsquo; Top grade ’ Ma ~


Wu Yanzu

gold medal male God shows his charm in home decoration, with salt kitchen appliances and Deyi appliances. Gay men should be optimistic about the losers, but they can't let their daughter-in-law fall under the charm of the male god, and they can pay as much as they say, even if they don't say anything


Michelle Reis

Michelle Reis is a person with two children, no, two with salt. Furniture and home textile are grasped with both hands, which saves trouble. It's willing to wait ~



SUN Li's mother is not oneortwo higher than Deng Chao. After all, her mother has a kitchen and a quilt curtain window. With two brands of salt European style cabinet and Baoman home textile, the mother is naturally great ~


Lin Zhiling

Lin Damei is also the two major brands, jiajule cabinet and imperial furniture. Cabinets and furniture are the big spenders of home decoration, so the ranking of beauty Lin is quite high ~


Liu Tao

Liu Tao, a good wife and mother recognized by the people all over the country, is blooming everywhere in the home decoration industry, including Dongpeng sanitary ware, Puxue kitchen and bathroom, and styroland furniture. Good wife and good mother save money skills get, three families get together for one-time shopping convenience get, sister Tao, take me to dress, force me to fly ~


size s

size s occupies the second place in the list, which is naturally the strength bar drop ~ salt Red Star Macalline hypermarket, there are a lot of natural things, when and what things are discounted, the promotion news must be first-hand ~ the only thing to be considered is Xiao s's poisonous mouth, if you reach out more times, I can't help being scolded by her


Huang Xiaoming

it's not that Xiao Qi does not avoid his relatives, but that the background of the master is very strong. Your cabinet is big; No matter how cheap household appliances are; There is the whole decoration, decoration 2.0, mall behind the master. Is it considerate to help you make a one-stop package? Besides, with the atmosphere of the church master's wedding and mansion, he must have nothing to say to his friends, and it's certainly appropriate to be willing to help others. Oh, you said there was Wang Han? Sorry, I always think he will only invite everyone to eat laotan pickled cabbage noodles





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