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HOLES are currently an important part of life on the farm in Uganda. Paul OkelloThe horizon — one Jackson worries will be bigger tha, the farmhand, has completed about 20 of them, of variable depth depending on the species of tree, bush or shrub, and with preliminary priming using different soils, goat or chicken manure, lime and rubble. Each morning he has to check if any reptiles are enjoying a lie-in at the bottom of the hole.

Primus, our prize turkey, was also having a problem with holes, in his case the shallow one his wife insisted on scratching out beneath shady cassava leaves. There, in secret, she laid her eggs then went AWOL. Being a responsible father, he was often found sitting on the eggs, these frequent paternal episodes disrupting his routine and causing serious wattle engorgement. After the third failed hatching, the Czar of All Livestock decided the limit had been reached, and Primus’s new wife is a strong young bird with a sense of social and maternal responsibility.

Our most important hole is several hundred metres long, two metres deep, and full of water moving apace. Weeks of rain and the building of a major tarred road to the West Nile, a few hundred metres from our landPublic health experts and labour groups have called o, meant saturated and damaged fields, and the erosion of our buildings’ foundations. RELATED: Peterhead and Montrose battle out a League One draw - Evening Express

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